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Bobby Kataria : The man who openly challenged Police.

Bobby Kataria is the latest irritant for Gurgaon Police. 

He is using social media, particularly Facebook to openly challenge the police. After several attempts, Police has finally now arrested him. His remand is over and now he is sent to the jail. 

6 cases has been registered on him after he abused and posted the video of cops in social media.

There is vociferous demand going over the social media to release Bobby.Bobby Kataria seems to have developed deep hate for police. He has made lots of claims, like Policemen allowing rogue elements to rape women on the road and many other serious claims. However, none of his videos support this claim. Further, his abusive languages to the police, particularly Inspector General of Gurgaon, are completely demeaning.

There is also no denying that Bobby Kataria is quite daring. He might not have proved that policemen were drinking and smoking on the road through his videos, but he was there arguing with the policemen in a very rough manner.