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Man Who Killed his Family for Astral Projection now Says He was Neglected

Thiruvananthapuram: Cadell Jeanson Raja, the man accused of massacring his family to perform astral projection, has now told the police that he murdered his family members because he was neglected by them, and not in a bid to perform astral projection.

Raja had earlier said that he killed his family members to perform astral projection that allows him to communicate with souls of dead people.

But after the police started questioning him in the presence of a psychiatrist he said that he took the extreme step because of the neglect. He also alleged that his family did not take care of him as they did of his sister.

But he says that he has been following astral projection for some time now.

He had earlier told the police that performing astral projection gave him an extra strength which helped him push his physical and intellectual limits.

Four members of a family were found dead On Saturday in Thiruvanthapouram. The police had taken Raja into custody on Monday evening. On Tuesday his arrest has been recorded.

According to the police, Raja killed his parents and sister first on April 5. Each of them was hacked to death separately using a hatchet, which he bought online recently. His mother was his first victim. On April 7 night, he took Jain and killed her in another room.