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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Google Home’s new action helps music fans prepare for Coachella festival

Music festival season is fast approaching, and here to help you get ready is Google Home. The smart home hub has debuted a new Coachella action — all you need to say is, “Hey Google, talk to Coachella,” and you’ll be placed on the fast track to discovering music from artists, playing festival trivia, getting answers to your most pressing festival-related questions, and more. And once Coachella actually kicks off (it runs from April 13 to 22), you’ll be able to watch the live-stream on YouTube, as well as listen to backstage interviews with performers.

Regardless of whether you own a Google Home, Mini, Max, or just a Google Assistant-enabled phone, you’ll be able to make use of the new action. The discovery function helps users familiarize themselves with newer acts in the lineup, and provides exclusive playlists to help get everyone up to speed on what to expect.
You can also use the action to create your festival schedule — as soon as artists’ set times are made public, Google Assistant will be able to tell you what times you should mark on your calendar in order to catch the latest action. You can also add these times directly to the Coachooser app (because of course, Coachella has its own dedicated mobile app).