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Grenfell Tower fire: Muslims awake for Ramadan emerged as heroes who helped save lives

Heroic residents of the Grenfell tower saved their neighbors by banging on their doors and guiding them to safety, it has emerged.

Local community centres and religious buildings have opened to help those who have lost their homes, and left with nothing but their pyjamas.

Some put their own lives at risk to rescue others.Muslims awake due to Ramadan may have saved lives

Rashida, a local resident, told agencies how Muslims observing Ramadan may have saved lives in the tower block, as many of them were awake.
She said: “Most Muslims now observing Ramadan will normally not go to bed until about 2am, maybe 2.30am, [when] they have their late night last meal. They do their last prayer.

“So most of the families around here would have been awake and I think even with the noise of the helicopters, it would have brought a lot of attention to a lot of residents, non-Muslim as well, [who] would have thought 'something's going on that's not quite normal.'"

She spoke of how tight-knit the community was, and how many different nationalities lived in the tower.