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Love kills more than terror attacks in India, reveal statistics

Can you imagine, the heart-warming emotion that we have all fantasised about, is actually leading people to their doom?

Believe it or not, love has now turned out to be a greater death bed than terror attacks, for a large number of Indians.

Love has officially been declared as the reason for 38,585 murders and homicide cases between 2001-15, as reported by The Times of India. The highest number of murder cases with love as the motive, was registered in Andhra Pradesh, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.

The most commonly witnessed reasons were social outrage over caste or class hierarchies, or lovers ending their lives. Government records have linked love with 79,189 suicide cases. West Bengal leads the list in the number of suicides, with over 15,000 suicides induced by love.

Moreover, female suicide cases outnumber that of men in 19 states. "Many of these suicides are the result of a hopeless situation created when the state leaves its citizen to be targeted by autocratic institutions that want to maintain caste and class hierarchy," said Jagmati Sangwan of the All-India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA).

Around 2.6 lakh kidnapping cases were also filed during the period, with marriage being the major motive behind abducting women.

Inspite of the alarming numbers, experts still believe there is massive under-reporting in states like Haryana and parts of Uttar Pradesh where the police often turns a blind eye to a lot of honour killings.