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Man Who Stole Nizam’s Gold Tiffin Worth Crores Used it Every Day to Have food, Police Say

Hyderabad: The antique items, including a gold tiffin box worth several crores, which were stolen from the Nizam's Museum in Hyderabad last week have been recovered.

The thieves, who made away with a gold tiffin box, a cup studded with rubies, diamonds and emeralds, a saucer and a spoon belonging to the seventh Nizam, allegedly fled to Mumbai and lived in a luxury hotel before being nabbed.The police stated that the main accused has been identified Mohammad Ghouse Pasha, a resident of Shaheen Nagar, who has around 20 to 25 offences registered against him. The second accused has been identified as Mobin, who is Ghouse’s childhood friend, who was earlier convicted and jailed in Saudi Arabia. The idea to rob the museum was Mobin’s idea, the police said.

The two had recced the location around 30 to 35 days ago, knowing that CCTV footage is usually deleted after 30 days. The two identified and marked a tree, which was outside a ventilator that could be broken into, around four to five days before the theft.