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What the world can expect from this meeting ?

North Korea doesn’t have enough food, it lacks Facebook and BeyoncĂ©, and its diplomats have to ration their use of computers in the Foreign Ministry because of electricity shortages.

But North Korea excels at choreography and theater, and its officials are well educated, very savvy, and agile with a pirouette. So we have peace breaking out on the Korean Peninsula — and President Trump gets some credit for that .As Kim Jong-un stepped into South Korea on Friday — the first North Korean leader to do so — let’s acknowledge that he has played a weak hand exceptionally well. Kim is now aiming to squirm out of sanctions, build up his economy and retain his nuclear arsenal, all while remaining a global focus of attention. It’s a remarkable performance.
South Korean conservative politicians criticized the joint statement issued by the leaders of the Koreas after their summit at a truce village, saying Seoul let Pyongyang off the hook by failing to secure a clear commitment to discarding its nuc…