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Who is Priya Varrier ? The girl that has become internet sensation in few hours

A beautiful girl suddenly became the National Crush in Valentine Week. Though everybody has a crush, but this has happened for the first time when a girl has become a 'national crush' of the whole country. If you have not seen this video yet, then watch this video first.

She has got 1.5 million followers in a day on Instagram, She become so popular that every person is forwarding or receiving this video.

This video of Priya Varrier has been taken from the Malayalam film 'Oru Adar Love'. This movie is about to be released on March 3. This video of Priya was released during the film's promotion. After this video became viral, people on the social media became restless to know the identity of the video girl.

There is a tradition of social media, whenever the users are interested, then it does not seem to be too late for them to become complacent. This is also happened with Priya Warrior. People liked Priya Warrior's style so much that they became viral in a while.