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Soorma : A true story of legendary Hockey player Sandeep Singh

Soorma is an incredible story of an equally incredible individual who came into hard times, but was firm about making a different set of choices in his life. It is a story about a hockey legend who rather than losing hope and giving up, decided to pick himself up, brush himself off, and continue moving with the hope to achieve his goals.

Sandeep Singh (born 27 February 1986) is an Indian professional field hockey player from Haryana and an ex-captain of the Indian national team. He generally features as a full back and is a penalty corner specialist for the team. He was famous as Flicker Singh in media. Singh currently holds a DSP rank in the Haryana Police. The movie Soorma depicts his true life inciedents. On 22 August 2006, Singh was seriously injured after being hit by an accidental gunshot in the Shatabadi Express train, while on his way to join the national team due to leave for the World Cup in Africa two days later. He was almost paralyzed and on the wheelchair for 1 year of his life. He was 20 at that time. Singh not only recovered from that serious injury but also established himself again in the Indian team.

He has won Arjuna award by ex president Pratibha Patil for achievements in field hockey

You can watch this movie with your family and children