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Sunil Grover's upcoming live show runs into legal trouble?

His comic timing always seem perfect. But it seems wherever Sunil Grover goes, controversies follow. After the entire Kapil Sharma incident, Sunil Grover has become much adored stand-up comedian and is now even more in demand for his performances.

Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar to finally re-unite for a show

Sunil Grover is teaming up with his 'The Kapil Sharma Show' co-actor Ali Asgar for an upcoming episode of 'Sabse Bada Kalakaar'. The ongoing reality show will soon have these two comedians rib-tickle the audience and perform their antics on stage.

Ever since Sunil and Kapil Sharma's ugly spat both Sunil and Ali have gone missing from the show.

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma has brought back Upasna Singh on the show as his maternal aunt.

Sunil's fans have been missing him on the comedy show, but the actor has not broken his fans hearts, instead he has been giving appearing on several shows. He also gave a live performance in Delhi, which was a major hit.