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Saturday, November 17, 2018

All telecom operators, except Reliance Jio, failed in a drive test conducted by TRAI

According to a story published in Tribune India , All telecom operators, except Reliance Jio, failed to meet the call drop benchmark in a drive test conducted by sector regulator TRAI on different highway and rail routes, says a report.

According to the report, while network performance of telcos differed on highways, none of them, except RJio, could meet the call drop benchmark on the three rail routes covered under the test.“Only RJio is meeting quality of service benchmark of call drop rate,” the report said.

According to the quality of service rules, not more than 2 per cent of total calls in a telecom circle on a network should automatically get disconnected. The highways between Asansol and Gaya, Digha and Asansol, Gaya and Danapur, Bengaluru and Murdeshwar, Raipur and Jagdalpur, Dehradun and Nainital, Mount Abu and Jaipur and Srinagar and Leh were covered in the test.

Reliance Jio name did not appear among companies that failed to meet call drop criteria on both the highway and rail routes.

The highways between Asansol to Gaya, Digha to Asansol, Gaya to Danapur, Bengaluru to Murdeshwar, Raipur to Jagdalpur, Dehradun to Nainital, Mount Abu to Jaipur and Sri Nagar to Leh were covered in the test. Railway routes between Allahabad to Gorakhpur, Delhi to Mumbai and Jabalpur to Singrauli were covered.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

iPhones in India May Stop Working If Apple-TRAI Tussle Drags On

The ongoing saga between the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI and Apple is entering a new dimension. The regulatory body has clearly stated in its new regulations that if Apple doesn’t adhere to its instructions, then telecom networks will very soon stop working on iPhones in the country.

This strong message has been laid out, as TRAI looks to curb the menace of pesky promotional calls and messages that have angered mobile users in the country for a long time. The DND app, which is already available on Android, has found it hard to launch on iOS. This is because Apple clearly believes in user’s data privacy.With the DND 2.0 app, TRAI wants to ensure the days of pesky telemarketing calls to users comes to an end. This app is supposed to detect such calls or messages and help TRAI collect data on who is sending them and for what purpose. Accessing all this data would go through on Android without any qualms, especially with Google wanting to be on the right side of the Indian government.

Apple, on the other hand, has been stubborn in its approach, and has decided that the DND 2.0 app is asking for a lot of user information, which it can’t allow a third-party app to access on its devices.If they don’t work out a solution for this, TRAI could possibly be forced to ban use of iPhones in the country, which for the millions of users that Apple has, would be catastrophic.

You can install the app from below link