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Cops launch hunt for absconding financier Anbu Chezhiyan

Cops have launched a hunt for Madurai-based film financier Anbu Chezhiyan, who is alleged to have lead film producer Ashok Kumar, a relative of director-actor Sasikumar to commit suicide. It is alleged that Anbu Chezhiyan started harassing the director and extorted him financially. The director left behind a suicide note in which he blamed the financier of increasingly pressurising him in the last six months and went to the extent of saying that the director's family members will be harmed, reports say. Deputy CM O Panneerselvam and fisheries minister D Jayakumar have promised necessary action on the issue.

Who is Anbu Chezhiyan?

Anbu Chezhiyan started as a small time distributor of Tamil Films in Madurai in early 1990s. Later, he became a financier and with strong link and support of politicians, he succeeded to have become a man who can ruin the career of a producer. Not only he finances money, he can also block finances to any movie if he likes to do so.

It should be noted that Anbu Chezhiyan is also running a production house named Gopuram Films. This production house has four Tamil films to its credit.

Anbu Chezhiyan was once arrested – in 2011 – by maverick and dynamic IPS officer Asra Garg. However, police involved in that investigation say that they never faced such type of political pressure. They were compelled to release him immediately. Such is the power and clout of Anbu Chezhiyan in Tamil films fraternity and state politics.