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Google may allow Android users to send text from desktop

We now live in an era where mobile-first is the norm.

So, while using laptops/desktops, one feels the 'incompleteness'. Most of them don't support a SIM card or can't connect with your smartphone to receive/make calls or send texts.

But now, Google is working to bridge this gap. Pretty soon, Androidusers would be able to send texts from desktops/laptops.

Here's how.

First spotted on ChromeOS last year, 'SMS Connect' is Google's new feature that will pair your Android smartphone to your ChromeOS-supported devices to allow you to receive/send text messages.

Notably, a set of codes in the Chromium Gerrit repository mentioning 'CrOS Android Messages integration' have been recently spotted to suggest at an impending pairing of the two worlds - Android and ChromeOS.

Google's idea to pair Android and ChromeOS is pretty similar to Apple's Continuity which connects your device for a seamless experience.

With Continuity, you can receive/make phone calls or reply to messages without picking up your iPhone, edit a document on one device and resume your work on another.

Likewise, copy and paste images/video/text from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad and vice-versa.