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The four big strategic technology trends for 2019

Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”[1] – Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2017.

Autonomous Things.  Autonomous things, abbreviated AuT, or the Internet of autonomous things, abbreviated as IoAT, is an emerging term for the technological developments that are expected to bring computers into the physical environment as autonomous entities without human direction, freely moving and interacting with humans and other objects.Autonomous things, such as robots, drones and autonomous vehicles, use AI to automate functions previously performed by humans.  The number of car accidents which happens every year world wide can be reduced with automation. It means AI need to maitain high level of safety in vehicle and aviation automation.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are swe…

5 Indian Spices That Are Good For Your Health


This bright orange spice is not only great for adding yellow color to your dish, but the health benefits are immense. It contains compounds with medicinal properties. These compounds are called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. However, the curcumin content of turmeric is not that high.Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps to consume black pepper with it, which contains piperine, a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%

Black Pepper.

Known as the “King of Spices,” black pepper has been valued for its flavor and antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies have shown that the chemical compounds of black pepper, particularly piperine, may be effective in the early acute inflammatory process.They provide physiological benefits or prevent chronic…

Ahead of polls, BJP Madhya Pradesh leader accused of raping minor for eight years

Vidisha: Ahead of polls, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader, Dr. Piyush Saxena has been booked for allegedly raping a minor. In the complaint to the police, the victim has alleged that the BJP leader sexually abused her for eight years.

A case has been filed against Dr. Saxena and the party has also suspended him. Dr. Saxena is the managing director of Shanta Smruti Fracture Hospital in Vidisha and a BJP leader in the area says Times Now report. The detailed story is published in Dainik Bhaskar where the victim shared how she was traumatised by the BJP Leader.

Skype calling now available on Alexa

Microsoft is bringing its Skype calling service to Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices this week. Amazon’s Echo range will be able to access Skype’s basic calling, and hardware like the Echo Show will also include video calling support for Skype. This integration also lets Skype users call mobile and landlines using SkypeOut, and simply call contacts by saying “Alexa, call Tom on Skype” to activate a call.

The Skype and Alexa integration follows Microsoft’s increasingly close partnership with Amazon for Alexa, Cortana, and Xbox integration. The Xbox One now supports Alexa, and Amazon has launched its own Alexa Windows 10 app to bring the digital assistant to all PCs. Microsoft also just started selling Amazon’s Echo devices in its retail stores in the US this weekend. Alexa has become the most popular gift in India, People gift it on festive occasions too.

Luisenplatz: The popular square in the “City of Sciences”

Darmstadt is a city in Germany that is located on the south of Hessen. The year of the city’s foundation is not clearly known, but many written documents mention this city already in XII century. Darmstadt is a city that was a very popular destination for technical education yet 150 years ago. Thanks to persistence and resourcefulness of the local scientists it has become possible to open numerous new universities and add new specialties without any money from the local budget. Wide choice of departments and specialties attracted students who arrived to Darmstadt to learn new professions here.

XIX century became the peak period for the city because here was opened the first faculty of electro technics in Germany that quickly got popularity. Numerous students also tried their best to get the right to study on faculties of aeronautic machinery. In 1997 Darmstadt was awarded with a status of the “City of Sciences”. Such a high concentration of scientific facilities has led to the develo…

Mathildenhoehe : The russian chapel in Darmstadt

The entire area of "Matilda's Hill" consisting of the Russian Chapel, Plane Tree grove, Wedding Tower, Exhibition Building, Ernst Ludwig House, now Museum Kunstlerkolonie (Artists Colony Museum), and houses dating from 1901 by Joseph Maria Olbrich and one by Peter Behrens is of major historic significance, second only to Vienna in importance to the development of modern architecture. The houses are noted as examples of "Jugendstil" (youth work) but were strongly influenced by Art Nouveau and the a-historical trends of the Vienna Secessionists, of which Olbrich was a member. The museum contains furniture and objects from the period--don't miss it!

The nude scriptures means freedom and their connect with nature. This place will surprise you, the city itself is not really famous for either surroundings or historic buildings. The city offers guided tours with a different focus, depending on what you prefer.



Tumblr app missing from IOS app store

Tumblr’s app for iOS has mysteriously disappeared from the App Store this weekend. While details of the removal are unclear at this point, Tumblr says it is investigating “issues with the iOS app” and will continue to provide updates.Tumblr provided its first update regarding the issue on Friday afternoon and most recently updated users on Saturday evening.

Original statement:

We’re working to resolve an issue with the iOS app and hope to be fully functional again soon. We really appreciate your patience as we figure this out, and we’ll update this article when we have news to share.

Updated statement:
Thanks for checking back with us. We’re still working on the issue with the iOS app. We’ll let you know right here the minute everything’s fixed.

Facebook blocks 30 accounts to prevent tampering in US midterm elections

Facebook had blocked some 30 accounts on its platform and 85 accounts on photo-sharing social network Instagram over concerns they may be linked to foreign entities and aimed at interfering in US midterm elections.

The announcement came shortly after US law enforcement and intelligence agencies said they had no indication of efforts to disrupt election infrastructure but that Americans should be wary of Russian attempts to spread fake news.

A study published last week found that misinformation on social media was spreading at a greater rate than during the run-up to the 2016 presidential vote, which Russia is accused of manipulating through a vast propaganda campaign in favor of Donald Trump, the eventual winner.

"On Sunday evening, US law enforcement contacted us about online activity that they recently discovered and which they believe may be linked to foreign entities," Facebook said in a blog post. "Our very early-stage investigation has so far identified around …

Cancer genomics research should be more widespread: Varmus

Nobel laureate Harold E Varmus has said that research on cancer genomics needs to be more widespread as it provides a deeper understanding of the disease and helps save a large number of lives. Stressing on the need for gathering genomic data for patients of diverse ethnic and geographical backgrounds, Varmus said at present there is enough data for Caucasian white patients but data from other regions like India, Africa is critically required without delay. The medical scientist made the observations while delivering a lecture on 'The transformation of cancer research' at the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics here on Sunday. Genomics is the branch of molecular biology concerned with the structure, function, evolution and mapping of genomes. There is a need for a deep rational understanding of how cancer arises and genomics provides a deeper understanding of cancer, he said. He gave some examples of how genomic insights have provided more precise treatment of various t…

PM Modi to visit Maldives today to attend swearing in ceremony of new President

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Maldives' capital Male on Saturday to attend the swearing in ceremony of country’s new President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Prime Minister is the highest ranking leader attending the ceremony and will be accompanied by a high level delegation including National security adviser and Foreign secretary.

He will also have bilateral talks with Solih after the swearing in ceremony and return to New Delhi late evening.

This is the first visit of PM Modi to Maldives and marks the beginning of a new chapter in Indo- Maldives relations.

The ties between the two countries were strained during the regime of outgoing President Abdulla Yameen and this will be the first high level visit in last three years.

The visit is expected to give a new momentum to bilateral relations under the new government and Solih is likely to visit India in near future.

The smooth transfer of power will mark the restoration of democracy in Maldives as well as a major diploma…

Disney celebrates 90 years of Mickey mouse

The iconic character started life as the star of 'Steamboat Willie', a short cartoon released in 1928.

Conceived by illustrator and entrepreneur Walt Disney, Mickey is the enduring symbol of the multi billion dollar brand.

Over the last 90 years, numerous Disney theme parks have popped up world wide and the mouse is a world famous character, appearing on clothing, homewares and even food.

Mickey Mouse has starred or had cameos in hundreds of movies, video games and television shows, most notably 'Fantasia' and 'Get a Horse'.

'Mickey's 90th Spectacular' celebrated his birthday in a two-hour television event this month. He was joined by stars including Kristen Bell and John Stamos, who were there to commemorate the life and times of the world's most famous mouse.

All telecom operators, except Reliance Jio, failed in a drive test conducted by TRAI

According to a story published in Tribune India , All telecom operators, except Reliance Jio, failed to meet the call drop benchmark in a drive test conducted by sector regulator TRAI on different highway and rail routes, says a report.

According to the report, while network performance of telcos differed on highways, none of them, except RJio, could meet the call drop benchmark on the three rail routes covered under the test.“Only RJio is meeting quality of service benchmark of call drop rate,” the report said.

According to the quality of service rules, not more than 2 per cent of total calls in a telecom circle on a network should automatically get disconnected. The highways between Asansol and Gaya, Digha and Asansol, Gaya and Danapur, Bengaluru and Murdeshwar, Raipur and Jagdalpur, Dehradun and Nainital, Mount Abu and Jaipur and Srinagar and Leh were covered in the test.

Reliance Jio name did not appear among companies that failed to meet call drop criteria on both the highway a…

Activist Shehla Rashid Quits Twitter: Can't Deal With Such Hate

Former Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Shehla Rashid has deactivated her Twitter account

The hate that I get from pro-BJP accounts is organised, writes the activist, who has deactivated her Twitter account.In my head, I wake up every day, read something meaningful and go for a run. In reality, however, I sleep next to my phone and check it first thing in the morning. My phone is always on 'silent' mode—all day and night. It is impossible for me to cater to every notification that pops up on my smartphone. So, each morning, I try to look for any urgent message or email and then proceed to check Twitter, because so much keeps happening there.Ms Rashid, who had close to 500 thousand followers, said her going off on Twitter should be an "SOS call" to it.

"The abuse on Twitter started in 2010. The platform is such that it enables an ecosystem where abusers can gang up against you using many hashtags and it has been effectively used by the right-wing voic…

5 million kilograms of firecrackers burst on Diwali in Delhi, flouting Supreme Court orders

In a gross violation of a Supreme Court (SC) order, people in Delhi burst around 5 million kilograms of firecrackers on Diwali night, well past the permissible time limit.

This caused the air quality in several parts of the city to dip to “very unhealthy” levels.

Despite the two-hour window to burst only green crackers ordered by the apex court, Delhiites did not adhere to the 10pm deadline and continued to set off firecrackers till late midnight.

A report by research group Urban Emissions said around 50,00,000 kgs of firecrackers were used in Delhi this year, the same amount as burnt last year.

Veteran Indian politician Lalu Parsad Yadav under severe stress after son seeks divorce

Incarcerated Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad is under severe strain after his elder son Tej Pratap Yadav filed a petition in the court last week seeking divorce from his wife of six months. Lalu who has been served jail sentence in three separate fodder scam cases is currently admitted to a government hospital in Ranchi for treatment of various ailments. Doctors treating the jailed leader said Lalu is finding it hard to maintain his mental calm and is suffering from sleeplessness, which could badly affect his health. “He keeps awake till late night these days. He is found awake whenever the hospital staffs take a round of his ward at night,” hospital sources said. Hospital authorities said they were aware about the problems the RJD chief had been facing and had been trying to control it through routine.

“Lalu Prasad has been under severe stress but we are not giving him medicines for it. We are trying to overcome his problem through counselling in the first place.…

EC Seeks Names for Mizoram CEO Post

Election Commission decides to call for a panel of names for the post of Mizoram Chief Electoral Officer from the State Chief Secretary; Poll panel's move comes in the wake of controversy over current CEO S B Shashank The Election Commission has decided to call for a panel of names for the post of Mizoram Chief Electoral Officer from the State Chief Secretary. This comes in the wake of controversy over current CEO S B Shashank. The Commission held a meeting in New Delhi yesterday over the issue. The NGO Coordination Committee of Mizoram is questioning the removal of the state's principal secretary (Home) by S B Shashank. They are also demanding his removal. A Commission spokesperson said that the poll panel has "decided to call for a panel of names for the post of State CEO from chief secretary of Mizoram." However, the spokesperson said the "next steps" will "only be taken after receiving the report of the team led by Deputy Election Commissioner Sud…

Tarana Burke : The lady who started the #MeToo movement long before twitter hashtag

Have you heard of #MeToo? If you're on social media, watch the news or occasionally browse the web, chances are you probably have.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, it has been virtually impossible to avoid the hashtag.

#MeToo has been tweeted millions of times - encouraging people across the world to come forward with their stories of harassment and abuse.

When she created a community initiative to connect survivors of sexual violence, Tarana Burke could never have imagined that one day it would become a global movement.

#MeToo Rising in India

India has been very vocal about the #MeToo uprising. Citing media intelligence firm Meltwater, Times of India reports that the country accounted for a quarter of online conversations on the subject in October, ahead of the US. The movement found nearly 29,000 mentions in editorial news in India, and 3.7 mentions on social media globally. Earlier, a Google Trends tool showed people across the country were searching fo…

All you need to know about the Aasia Bibi case

Who is Aasia Bibi?

Aasia Bibi, whose full name is Aasia Noreen, was the second Christian sentenced to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws after Ayub Masih who was released in 2002.This was a high-profile case from the onset, widely covered by international media, as two officials, former Punjab governor Salman Taseer and former Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti (a Christian) who spoke in favour of Bibi were both assassinated. Taseer’s killer Mumtaz Qadri was tried and executed for murder in 2016.

What is the law she was convicted under?
Aasia Bibi, 47, was convicted for blasphemy under section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code for allegedly defaming Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The offence carries mandatory death penalty under the law

What was Aasia Bibi accused of and when was she convicted?

Aasia Bibi was alleged for “defamatory and sarcastic” statements about the Prophet (PBUH) on June 14, 2009, during an argument with Muslim women. The prosecution presented seven witnesses to support …

Former captain #RahulDravid becomes the 5th Indian to be inducted in the @ICC Hall of Fame.

Former India captain Rahul Dravid was officially inducted into the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Hall of Fame and presented with a memento ahead of the fifth ODI between India and the West Indies in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday. Rahul Dravid joins Bishan Singh Bedi, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Anil Kumble in the ICC Hall of Fame.

What is ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?

It is located in the Australian town of Bowral, New South Wales. The exhibition opened in November 2010 in buildings formerly used by the Bradman Museum, which was devoted to the cricketing career of the great Australian batsman Sir Donald Bradman.

The ICC Cricket Hall of Fame "recognises the achievements of the legends of the game from cricket's long and illustrious history". It was launched by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai on 2 January 2009, in association with the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA), as part of the ICC's centenary celebratio…

Beyonce To Perform At Isha Ambani And Anand Piramal's Sangeet, You Won't Believe What They're Paying

Isha Ambani is the member of the infamous Ambani household. She is the daughter of none other than the business magnate Mukesh Ambani and his wife, Neeta Ambani. Isha Ambani serves as the member of the board of directors of his father’s companies, Jio and Reliance Retail.

The Grand Wedding 
Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha and Swati Piramal and Ajay Piramal's son, Anand’s lavish engagement ceremony was just a teaser of what's coming up next. Their three-day festivities in Italy included performances by American-musician, John Legend and Academy Award-winning musician, AR Rahman along with the who's who of Bollywood in attendance.
Now, on December 8 and 9, the two-day ceremony will be hosted by Ambanis and Piramals, in Udaipur. Post which, the lovebirds will tie the nuptial knot on December 10, 2018, and the speculated wedding venue is Mumbai. And for one of the pre-wedding festivities, the grapevine is abuzz with speculations that Queen Bey, Beyonce will per…

ATM limit halved for SBI cards

There are concerns about security of SBI Classic debit card „ The move will affect over 42 bank customers in this festive season The curbing of ATM withdrawal limit to Rs 20,000 from Rs 40,000 by the State Bank of India comes into effect from Wednesday. The new rule will be applicable for holders of SBI Classic or Maestro debit cards. In its attempt to check rising instances of ATM frauds, the country’s biggest lender halved the daily ATM withdrawal limit on October 1. Over 42 crore bank customers will be affected with this limit in the festival season. For customers desiring to take out over Rs 20,000 daily, they can apply for an upgrade the debit card. An official said the SBI Classic debit card is not a chip-based card and there are concerns about its security. The bank has also decided to reduce the withdrawal limit due to increase in number of complaints regarding cloning, said the official. SBI managing director PK Gupta had earlier said, “We analysed all the ATM transactions a…

OnePlus 6T launch: Features and seven biggest takeaways

OnePlus has finally unveiled its latest new smartphone to the world - the OnePlus 6T.

Here are a few takeaways from the OnePlus 6T The Notch:

We have been introduced to the OnePlus 6T ‘teardrop notch’. This one definitely looks better than the ones on its predecessors.

In-display fingerprint scanner: The 6T does have a fast fingerprint reader to unlock the phone, but it isn’t as fast as one would expect.

Bigger battery: The OnePlus 6T has a significantly bigger battery than the OnePlus 6. We’ve gone from 3,300 mAh on the OP 6 to 3,700 mAh on the OP 6T.

RIP headphone jack: Most flagships don’t offer the headphone jack now and sadly, the OnePlus 6T has joined that list. The company has cited the in-display fingerprint scanner and the larger battery as the reasons for ditching the beloved jack.

Bigger display and storage: The phone comes with a 6.41-inch full-HD+ (1080x2340 pixels ) AMOLED display, with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The 6T starts at 128GB with 6GB RAM and goes up to 256 GB storag…

Nehru Jacket Modified: South Korea's president thanks PM Modi for his 'Modi jacket'

Moon Jae-in graciously accepted a vest from India's prime minister, but some are already correcting South Korea's president on the name and history of the garment. The Korean leader's photos showed jackets in four colours and the label - "MODI jacket", the prime minister's name in all caps.

The Nehru jacket is a traditional, tailored short coat with a closed-neck collar that evolved from a version often worn by the Indian National Congress politician, who led the country from the time of Independence in 1947 until his death in 1964. Over the decades, it’s become a mainstay of the ethnic wardrobe for Indian men, routinely sighted in various colours at weddings and on festive occasions.

Yesterday (Oct. 31), however, South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in inadvertently revealed how even menswear hasn’t escaped politicisation in modern-day India.

On thanking the country’s current prime minister, Narendra Modi, for the gift of four “gorgeous garments,” Moon referred …

HPBOSE SOS September exam result 2018 released Know how to download here!

HP State Open School September 2018 Result declared! The Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) has announced the State Open School (SOS) results for examinations held in September in the year 2018 on the official website of HPBOSE,
HPBOSE announced the results of HPSOS class 8th examination, 10th examination and 12th examination of September-2018.

Steps to check HPBOSE SOS result 2018:
Step 1: Visit HPBOSE website,
Step 2: Click on the results link from homepage
Step 3: From next page, click on any of these results you are searching for
Step 4: On next page, enter your roll number to access your SOS Middle Examination Result September-2018
Step 5: Click search and check your results

The Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, Dharamshala came into existence in 1969 as per Himachal Pradesh Act number 14 of 1968 with its head-quarter at Shimla later shifted to Dharamshala in January 1983.
The Board started with a staff of 34 offic…

SSC Full list: SI in Delhi Police, CAPF and ASI in CISF 2017 list of candidates recommended

New Delhi, Nov 1: The SSC has declared the final selection list of Sub Inspectors in the Delhi Police, CAPFs and Assistant Sub Inspectors win CISF for the recruitment notification published in 2017. The same is also available on the official website.As part of this recruitment, SSC conducted a Computer Based Examination for Sub Inspectors in Delhi Police, CAPFs and Assistant Sub-Inspectors in CISF from July 1, 2017 to July 7, 2017. The result of this Paper-I was declared by the Commission on September 6, 2017. Paper-II was held on December 15, 2017 for those candidates who qualified in PET/PST.

Accordingly, a total of 5076 candidates (4221 Male and 855 Female) were qualified for Document Verification of the said examination. You can check the final selection list here:

BJP accused me of wasting money on statues, now it must apologize: Mayawati

With the stronger political unity of Dalit organizations Mayawati has become the most sought after politician in India . Modi is still India’s most popular leader, although his standing in the electorate appears to be weakening Paying tributes to Sardar Patel, Mayawati said Patel, like Ambedkar, was a true nationalist and took pride in Indian culture and tradition. , She also said the BJP should not only apologize for defaming her but also tell people why it chose an English name, "Statue of Unity" Targeting the government, the Congress said that while Patel wanted institutions to be autonomous, the government is destroying them.

Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a 182-metre high statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, BSP chief Mayawati sought an apology from the BJP for its comments in the past against installation of statues of Dalit icons.

In a statement, the former Chief Minister said it was unfortunate that when she got parks, monuments and idols installe…