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Ambedkar's Faith in 'Bharat'

Ambedkar had faith in ancient Indian institutions and texts except caste. He was convinced with the spiritual aspect of Indian texts and codes but not with its ritualistic aspects which had developed in last 1200 years. He talked about annihilation of Caste and not Dharma. He understood the importance of Dharma in India and when the time of conversion came as he had declared earlier, he chose Buddhism.Dr. Ambedkar pointed out that historic roots of democracy in India go back to pre-Buddhist India. A study of the Buddhist Bhikshu Sanghas discloses that the Sanghas were nothing but Parliaments and knew all the rules of Parliamentary procedure known to modern times. Although these rules of Parliamentary procedure were applied by the Buddha to the meetings of the Sanghas, he must have borrowed them from the rules of the political assemblies functioning in the country in his time.

Dr. Ambedkar emphasized that Hindus need not 'borrow from foreign sources' concepts to build a society on the principles of equality, fraternity and liberty. They 'could draw for such principles on the Upanishads.' Even in riddles in Hinduism, he points out that Hinduism has the potential to become the spiritual basis of social democracy.  

What is wrong with India?

All Indians agree that we are brought up learning the slogan “Mera Bharat Mahan” which means My India is Great . There are several aspects which makes India Great. Its the birth place of many poets, mathematicians and scholars. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked the first Indian in space, Rakesh Sharma, about how India looked from space. His response was our famous patriotic song, "Saare Jahaan Se Achcha." We are always proud on our legends and heroes but is that the case today ? Do we think that Mera Bharat Mahan and Saare Jaha se Achcha are slogans relevant in today’s world ?

One aspect of india that is anything but overstated in her diversity. Despite being a hindu Majority Nation, India has more Christians that those in Australia and more muslims than those in Saudi Arabia. Today such a beautiful country is suffering because of the politics and political parties. Political parties are trying to align Dalit’s to their agenda and the great Indian reservation quota is in news nowadays. If you watch television nowadays , We see a new kind of politics in all debates and morning news - Ambedkarite politics . Recently 11 people were killed in the protests and there are several other things happening around Ambedkar. UP Government changing Ambedkar’s name by adding Ram as initial, Vandalizing of Ambedkar Statues , Cow Vigilant doing moral policing etc etc. Where is the politicians heading the country ?

The rising number of crime against women is another growing issue in India. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. It is one of the most burning, hard hitting, sensitive social problem existing in developing India which demands a high level of comprehension, observations and practical outlook to find its solution which majorly includes what and how India has transformed from what..... in last 20 to 25 years. The passive aggression on social media has subsided and our online protesters are 'waiting' for the next big thing to prove their social responsibility. Today when i am writing this , We were waiting on PM Modi to break his silence on such heinous crimes.

Politicians and Media is the biggest problem in India. We only have politicians today and not leaders. I asked the Google God to show me some leaders he knows and surprisingly here is the result. We have one few from our era too.

Google Search result is enough to make you understand about the difference between a leader and a politician. Politicians knows on how they can polarize the overall perception of voters.For their petty advantage they are making use of the media to divert the actual socio economic problems to non realistic issues. The concept of jugaad — a Hindi term for improvising creative solutions — is becoming big in business the world over. These Neta’s are only providing Jugad’s to the citizens where the root cause remains there for them to encash in next elections. I usually don't miss the opportunity to talk to a rickshawalah/cab drivers in any city I visit.These guys provide great insight into the city by virtue of being Silent Spectator to backseat action. I asked one of the drivers if he is happy driving the cab in city. He shared worst of his life experiences from his education to love story and the opportunities he missed but after all the miseries of life he want to stay in India. He shared his notion on the Indian politics and the cunning leaders but he still see hope in India . People here really love their family, country and hate the politics, moral policing , violence and news channels.

The views expressed in this article are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect Intelligent India's editorial stance. 

Bipin Sasi is seasoned Journalist and an IT professional working at Bangalore.

What are some scientific logic behind astrology?

Yes it does impact every aspect of human life. We should try to know whether astrology is science or not?

What is science ? Science is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

Astrology is science as it’s based on observations and experiments by our Rishis collected in various texts. Only thing it lacks in proper documentation of experiments as all the text books on astrology mention conclusions with finality without any reference to any experiment. Whatever written in the textbooks is based on penetrating observations of our Rishis.

Even if we discard this let us apply our commonsens and reason on following:-

We are tiny organism of the whole universe. So called science knows much less what affects human lives and in what manner. Scientifically we know how sun and moon affect environment and day today human life. This knowledge is broadly confined to sun and moon only we know how sun is essential for survival of human life on Earth or how gravitational pull of moon causes tides in the seawater. We don’t have any scientific study how Jupiter, Venus, mercury, Mars or Saturn affect our lives and how the position of these planets at the time of birth affect natives life.

According to Hindu astrology moon is the planet of Man(mind or brain). Our brain float in cerebral fluid. When moon causes tides as high as 100meters in the sea it’s gravitational pull also affect human brain which floats in water, that’s why moon has important position in Hindu astrology,Rashi occupied by moon becomes the Rashi of the native and Rashi becomes the important factor to make predictions.

In astrology Sun represents the life force i.e. Atma, self ,personality,authority,ability to lead. Scientifically also it’s sun which shapes personalities on earth. In various geographical regions it’s sun which decides colour, height and physical structure of natives of a particular region. It clearly manifests that astrological principles are based on scientific observations.

As science fails astrology also fails at times. It should not render whole astrology as unscientific.

Astrology plays significant role in shaping the life of an individual, I have experienced it through out my life and absolutely firm on my views.

(The article was submitted by Shri. Yogendra Sharma, Retd IAS and practicing Lawyer from Bhopal.)


Do you consider yourself picky when it comes to your clothes, friends, and how you spend your time? My husband labeled us as such a couple of years ago, when he noticed many of the people we considered friends were turning their back on us, and we didn’t seem able to make new ones. The sales assistants tell me I’m too picky with their eyes and attitude whenever I go shopping for clothes.

I tend to disagree: we’re not picky enough! I:
Don’t want friends who don’t like having my children around or with whom I have to pretend to be someone else.
Don’t need clothes I don’t like and don’t feel comfortable wearing, just because some sales assistant is not in the mood to show me something else, or the store-owner assures me they look good on me.

We only have one life, and limited resources. If we’re not careful how we live it, we may wake up one day overwhelmed by regrets, realizing we wasted precious time and energy on things and people who were not worth it. I prefer to be picky, and only invest my money, feelings, and time into things and people I feel are worth it.

The clothes you wear influence:
The way you feel and see yourself
The way others see you
Your performances.

You must know the feeling of putting on a new outfit and feeling that you have the world at your feet. Your troubles disappear, and nothing can prevent you from obtaining what you want. I’m sure you’ve also experienced the reverse: that one day when you were supposed to look at your best but you spilt coffee on your shirt, or the love of your life decides to come knocking on your door, and you’re wearing sweats.

The clothes you wear can make you feel the center of the universe, or a small bug waiting to be crushed. Unfortunately, they also influence the way others perceive you. Did you know that:
Red clothes make men look angrier, more aggressive, and more dominant than blue or grey clothes? They do, and several and a 2015 study confirmed it. Subjects saw photos of the same men, wearing the same outfits, but of different colors, and they reported perceiving anger, aggression, and dominance in men wearing red.
A 2017 study argues that clothes mediate the recognition of our bodies in a social context? Provocative clothing objectifies and dehumanizes women, exposing them to sexual violence. They turn women into sexual objects whose only purpose seems to be responding to male desires. When rejected, some men feel entitled to resort to violence, since they’ve received mixed signals.
There are also studies proving that we should “Dress for Success” every day? One of them, led by Jeffrey L. Magee, discovered that relaxation when it comes to one’s clothing brings about relaxation when it comes to manners, morals, and productivity.
A 2015 study militates in favor of dressing for success by showing that formal clothing leads to greater category inclusiveness and enhances the global processing advantage? It found that the clothes we wear influence cognition broadly and impact the processing style that changes objects, people, and events.

What does this tell you? Buy and wear clothes that make you feel and look your best, without worrying that you’re too dressed up, and without losing your personal touch. If you dress like an executive, you’ll be more likely to feel and act like one. Just don’t forget to match colors and occasions, and give your outfits a personal touch!


How many friends do you have? No, I’m not referring to social media connections, but to real-life people who would get out of their comfort zone to help you and stand by you in need. They appreciate your presence in all circumstances, they have no problem keeping a secret, and they don’t criticize you to everyone who will listen.

Let’s say your counting reveals a number of 10 friends. What if I told you that, out of those 10 friends, only 5 think of you as their friend? I know it’s painful, but a 2016 study confirmed it. Although 95% of the study participants believed their friendships were reciprocal, only 50% of their friends felt the same way.

If you want to know who your real friends are, leave your own feelings aside for a minute, and observe what is going on around you. Who calls when you get sick, offers to help without you asking, and raises your spirits when you feel down? Who seeks your presence with no particular interests in mind?

Those are the people you should focus on. If you do, chances are you will feel and function better, enjoy better health, and be more content and optimistic. This is the conclusion of a study released in April this year, which found that adults with friends function better, while those without friends tend to develop chronic illnesses. Friend support, along with family support improves subjective well-being.

My honest advice is that you stop wasting your time on social media and focus on your real-life friendships instead. Your time is limited, so it is important to make the most of every second.


This time, I’m not going to cite studies. I just want you to look at your days and assess how much of them you will remember in a couple of years. Surely not much of the time you spend working, checking your emails and social media accounts, or trying to come up with new ideas for just about anything.

I used to postpone dates with my husband, trips with my girls, and friends get-togethers to finish a work project. We needed the money, I risked losing a client, I had a deadline, etc. Sometimes, I would struggle for hours to write a piece I could have finished in minutes. I did make a lot of money that year. It all went on medical bills and frivolous things.

One day, my 5-year old daughter asked me: When are we going to do something fun? You always have to work, and dad is always away or distracted! I don’t want toys, I want you to hold me and play with me! My first instinct was to send her play in her room, as usual. In my mind, I was working for her, and I expected her to understand.

Is Karni Sena above supreme court and Indian Government ?

The Karni Sena has announced a Bharat Bandh on January 25th and threatens to burn multiplexes that screen the movie Padmaavat. The film is visually stunning & has great performances. It is more about Khilji, his sexuality & his obsessions. The actual history cannot be distorted especially when you are dealing with a historical topic like that of queen Padmavati and Jauhar. The mental and emotional turmoil that these women must have gone through isn’t a topic which can be depicted in the right way through a commercial Bollywood cinema. Bhansali said that he has made the movie based on Padmavat, written by Khilji’s court poet, in which there is a dream sequence.The movie release is objected by VHP and Karni Sena both . The question is that Indian government is capable of maintaining law and order or not. The reviews have been given by so many well known and reputed news channels and journalists including CNN News, Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami and all of them are nearly saying the same thing that in the movie there is nothing against Rajputs. Just opposite to this thought of something wrong in the movie, every single frame of it is a cinematic tribute to the Rajputs and Rani Padmavati.

But karni Sena Rajput are still creating controversies after watching it, it may be thought for promoting the film.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given an optimistic speech at Davos today about making India safe for business, but are the gau-rakshaks, axe-murderers, violent mobs burning movie theaters listening to him? For business to thrive, India first needs law and order!

We Can't beat Hindutva drum at home and business drum abroad. Unless society's free of religious hatred, bias and violence, open-ness, trust and business confidence cannot be created in climate of fear. A majoritarian government that turns a blind eye to violence against minorities and lawless mobs in name of Hindutva can't create a safe business climate. India need to stop Hindutva mobs first to make India safe for business. The  question is weather Karni Sena is above Supreme Court and Indian Government ?


Who is accountable for the failure of CBI ?

After Talwar Case CBI has failed again before the court in 2G case . Who is accountable for the failure ?
Congress Says BJP lies exposed after CBI failed in court, Ask PM Modi to apologise to the nation

Congress also said that accountability should be fixed against those including former Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Vinod Rai who dubbed it a scam.

Former prime minister Manmohan Singh, whose UPA-II government was rocked by the 2G scam, said the court judgement needs to be respected as it has "pronounced that the massive propaganda" unleashed against his government was without any foundation.

#MeToo : Social media flooded with unexpected hastag !!!

If you are active or remotely active on social media, then you couldn’t have missed the latest trending hashtag! #MeToo

Two simple words became a rallying cry on Twitter to stand against sexual harassment and assault.

On Sunday actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a note that read "Suggested by a friend: If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem."
"If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write 'me too' as a reply to this tweet," she wrote. The movement started in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and its ensuing fall out.

So, this past weekend, and later on Facebook, women (and some men) around the world responded with two words: “Me too.” They hashtagged posts #MeToo to share their own experiences of sexual harassment and assault, and to de-stigmatize speaking out. Some told their personal stories, some didn’t.

My social media feeds have been awash with a heartbreaking flood of “#MeToo” tags, along with stories that will haunt me forever.

But #MeToo woke me.

And I can’t go back to the way things were. I would be more surprised if any woman didn’t post #MeToo. Because unfortunately, we are used to this treatment—it has just been normalized. Some experiences are clear-cut.

Women have been whistled to on streets and faced sexist innuendos at work. They have been assaulted as children and as adults. They have faced attacks from strangers on streets, family friends and mentors at work. They have been dismissed, patronized and silenced, catcalled, assaulted, beaten, raped and killed. This has happened in streets, shops, buses and trains, cabs and autos, in bedrooms and boardrooms, in broad daylight and in the dead of night. This has happened to days-old infants and old and infirm women.

And the thing is, we already know the answer. It’s there, just waiting for us to ask the question. We knew the difference between making a regrettable but consensual choice and an assault. We knew the difference between an unrequited crush and stalking. We knew the difference between making a mistake and being raped.

The bigger question is why we never spoke out, even when we knew deep down it was wrong?
There are plenty of reasons:
Fears of being disbelieved, personally scrutinized, shamed, ridiculed, blackballed, having your name publicly tied forever to an ugly thing that happened to you.

There’s the ordeal of having to defend your account against your aggressor’s and having to explain what happened over and over again.

And then, of course, there’s not wanting to be the victim. Part of being a liberated, independent, career-focused, empowered woman, is to be tough too. Instead of addressing it, we worked around it. We moved in packs to protect one another. We warned other women in our industry which men to steer clear of.  Over coffee’s and in women-only office chat rooms, we talked about everyday sexism, about the awful experiences we had endured, and we helped each other pick up the pieces. We only cried in the women’s bathroom, never gave men the satisfaction of knowing we were rattled.

Isn’t that the real problem – acknowledgement and consequences.

Acknowledging that it happens and breaking the silence is the first step towards realization. Most people seem to have resorted to a somewhat uncomfortable silence. Oh Yes, many men won’t comment but they have noticed it! Isn’t it important for men to engage in these conversations. Truth is that nothing will really change in a lasting way until the social consequences for men are too great for them to risk hurting us.

Even though the movement started off as a women-centric movement, it grew to include queer and cis-male experiences also.

This trend is important as it marks a shift from victim blaming, slut shaming, mansplaining and general patronizing to women speaking for themselves. Coming from a culture that tries to silence the woman by scaring her about repercussions that her assertions may have on her career, her image or even the career of her perpetrators, and shames her for ‘bringing the harassment or assault on herself’, thereby holding the woman responsible through her dress, her mannerisms or even her being at a particular place at a particular time.

I have faith that society will evolve. Speaking out is the first step towards this evolution. Maybe soon, we’ll move on from the passive voice of #MeToo 

Women - Past and Present !!!

A day ago we celebrated Mother’s day and a couple of months ago we celebrated – Women’s day. We rejoiced in being women and now just celebrated being a mother. We even rejoiced on finally getting the much-needed verdict for Jyothi Singh – more famously known as Nirbhaya.

Nevertheless, has the situation changed much at all for women?

Are women safe in India ???

On the third anniversary of Nirbhaya; The question which still on everyone's mind : Is India safe for its women and girl children??

We still find many headlines reporting cases of sexual assault, molestation, sexual harassment, rapes, trafficking, ill treatment of women in houses, violence against women in remote areas etc.

In most of part of the country, girls in villages are at risk of sexual assault. And India's cities aren't any safer for women and girls.From the streets to bus stops, to crowded market places, women surveyed told that they don't feel safe in public, and half of men surveyed told that they, at some point, have engaged in sexual aggression, with many respondents saying that women are ultimately responsible if they are sexually harassed or assaulted.

Research shows that both fear and actual experience of sexual violence in the public realm have a profound impact on women and girls' daily routines, lifestyle and their emotional and physical health.

We generally use to play the blame game for any such incidence and hence have not succeeded to reach to the root of the problem. For a better understanding we can say that any problem has definitely two approaches of solution, the first is short term or immediate solution and the second one is long term solution. These may be visualized as preventive or curative in nature.

As good citizens, we have a fundamental duty to contribute towards bringing an order to ensure dignity and respect for women so that she can also enjoy her human rights and fundamental rights with sense of pride, freedom and confidence. To ensure this at every level the society must work together to give an edge to the solution.

We saw lots of ad campaign’s featured by prominent actors on how to create awareness, starting from educating our male children on their treatment towards the opposite gender. Ours is a land which follows various social customs, traditions and certain sets of religious beliefs. These customs has a deep rooted place in the core of our minds and hearts of every people of India which has defined our lifestyle, our thoughts, our expressions and our beliefs be it man or a woman. This has given to the males, the feeling of masculinity in every aspect of their acts and thoughts. They thus are perceived themselves as physically, mentally superior than their counterparts. Indian women also have accepted to treat their males as superior. So any kind of ill treatment towards them by the masculine gender is not considered as violence but more or less considered as a birth right of their dominance towards the weaker sex.

Other instance can be seen in parents preferring male child over female. In every aspect of the life, women are denied or given less preference over male whether it is for giving education or access to health care. They are always required to be within their limitations and the male counterparts have freedom in this regard. This system thus gives a feeling in male that they are superior and hence dominate over women. This instills in male a sense of hatred against women if they see a woman crossing their limitations.

This core mentality would take time to change and requires quite a lot of awareness which needs to be generated. This can be brought through measures such as real education emphasizing on the quality of education, through enhanced moral and spiritual teachings so that the seed of enmity which is sown through these customs and traditions gets deeply uprooted.

Other area of interest would be reform in police system. Allocation of women police in every area and their continuous monitoring which also requires participatory attitudes of govt. Such interventions can also be a preventive solution. This also requires installation of CCTV cameras at strategic places, beefing up the police security systems and closely monitoring them. Also reforms in our legal system is required such as stringent punishment which are non bailable in nature. This could act as friction to those who perpetrate crime.

We need to take action not by force but by will to make our country more secure and safe for the woman to enjoy their rights and freedom because a nation where half the population is discriminated against can never fully grow and reap its potential.

Protest in PoK - Leaves Pakistan redfaced !!!

In a massive revelation yesterday, CNN-IBN had aired footage exposing human rights violations in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir including Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli. It is being reported that youths refusing to join the cause of jihad are routinely picked up by the ISI and tortured. Protestors said on camera that the Pakistani establishment had no right to use force on them and some went on to add that India is better!

Pakistani establishment’s use of brutal force in order to quell the rebellion can be seen clearly in the footage and proves that Islamabad’s claims against New Delhi’s alleged attempts to suppress people living in the valley are nothing but hollow.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Jitender Singh, who represent Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur in the Lok Sabha, pointed that residents of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir have been suppressed and tortured by Islamabad since 1947.
"There has been a simmering discontent among people from PoK for a long time. It is because of the discrimination suffered by this region as compared to other regions of Pakistan. This is not in terms of development but also in the basic facilities provided with respect to health care and education. Protests have taken place in the past but powers in Islamabad managed to quell it. Now it has come to a boiling point and it has come to surface. There had been instances and evidence of human right violation in PoK. They have been written about but Pakistan has been in denial mode” said Singh.

Pakistan's National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz responded stating -  "Pakistan remains committed to finding a just and peaceful resolution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. Pakistan’s principled position on the Kashmir dispute is based on the UN Security Council Resolutions, which remain unimplemented to this day. India decided to try to quell the Kashmiri struggle by use of brute force. As a result, more than 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed by Indian security forces over the last two decades in Indian Occupied Kashmir."

The Pakistan government further called the video shown on CNN-IBN as "doctored". "We don't control the media in PoK." Commenting on the video, Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry said, "It's a propaganda. Pakistan has always raised the voice for the Kashmiris. Whole world is watching how Pakistani flags are being raised in Kashmir (Indian Side). From our side it will only be political, moral and diplomatic support for them and that we will continue to extend but there is no answer for the propaganda."

These can’t be called sporadic protests, as the police and Army’s presence to reign them in is a clear indicator that these agitations are not one off and are a force to reckon with. The rising dissatisfaction with Pakistan considerably weakens Islamabad's Kashmir rhetoric against India. To top that, large human rights violations and illegal detentions will now question the grounds on which Pakistan has been claiming rights for Kashmiris.

A question on Ahilya 's chastity

Ahilya was the consort of Sage Gautam. She was made by Brahma and was surreal beautiful. Indra, the king of natural forces, had lecherous dreams about her. Once sun and moon assisted Indra in confusing Gautam that it is morning (while it was night). Unable to bear the pangs of love any more, Indra decided to attain the woman of his heart by subterfuge. Indra convinced the moon to take the form of a cock and wake up Gautama Rishi much before dawn... While Gautam was away for morning ablutions, Indra, disguised as Gautam and stealthily entered the hut, approached Ahilya and proposed sexual desires in front of her.

He demanded of Ahalya to make love to him. Ahalya, being the consort of a powerful yogi, had spiritual powers and was able to see that he who stood in front of her was not her yogi husband, but the king of gods Indra himself.

However, it flattered her that the great deva found her so charming that he ran the risk of being condemned by the worlds and yet came to her asking her for her love. She smiled at him, too pleased to refuse him his inappropriate request. Indra, taking advantage, further seduced her, using sweet lines in praise of her exquisite form. She gave in and the two committed the sin. After this act of romantic consummation was performed, however, Ahalya regained her senses and she asked Indra to leave immediately.

Then the sage condemned his wife. "Fie on you, Ahalya! Your vanity led you into committing such a grave error. May you lose the form you are so proud of and subsist only on air. Surviving in such a manner, may you become invisible to the world, meriting no more importance than an ordinary rock, for ages to come. Not unless Vishnu himself decides to set foot in this ashrama may you be redeemed."

The sage who realised Ahilya's sinful attempt did not gave a chance to explain for the trangression she had committed. Her honour and chastity were under question.

The character of Ahalya is the eternal woman who responds to her inner urges and the advances of the divine ruler - a direct contrast to her ascetic husband, who did not satisfy her carnal desires. Ahalya as an independent woman who makes her own decisions, takes risks and is driven by curiosity to experiment with the extraordinary and then accept the curse imposed on her by a patriarchal society. It is this undaunted acceptance of the curse that makes The Ramayana praise and venerate her.

Modern women will ask weather is it right to condemn physical encounters as modern afflictions and against our righteous behaviour . They will not accept that Ahilya was cursed for her sinful attempt .They will always blame the sage Gautama’s who realised all that had transpired between Ahilya and Indira in his absence.

British Rule - Reparations or not!

Shashi Tharoor’s eloquently reasoned indictment of British colonialism at the Oxford debate has won many applauds. His call for Britain to make reparations for having plundered India for 200 years, was welcomed among mix responses.

Tharoor pointed out that when the British landed in India, our share of the economy was above 24%. Then the Empire crushed our self-confidence, the criminality of which is as grave as the figures that Tharoor shared at the debate and comforted an upcoming elite India that is seeking a voice in the global arena — the fact that India slipped from 24 to 4 per cent in its share of world economy during the 200 years of colonial rule. However, the cultures, thoughts and ways of seeing of our societies were deemed inferior, thanks to this colonial project — democracy, civil society, justice and most importantly progress and development. We perpetually fell short of the high standards set by the colonizer. 

Tharoor then also goes on to tell, "It’s a bit rich to oppress, enslave, kill, torture, maim people for 200 years and then celebrate the fact that they are democratic at the end of it. We were denied democracy, so we had to snatch it, seize it from you." – But isn’t democracy a very western idea?

As urged by Tharoor, the British should certainly pay for the sins of exploitation and oppression they committed in India and be made to make suitable reparations. But what’s reparation for the goose should also be reparation for the gander, which in this case is postcolonial India. Its gold reserves are higher than those of the USA, Germany and the IMF put together, four out of the eight richest people in the world are Indian, and the amount of Indian money parked in Swiss banks is estimated to be 2 billion Swiss Francs. Tharoor misses to explain these developments. He misses to explain the failure of Indian politics, all he does is blame history!

The world has, since then moved on! So what reparation should independent India make to its oppressed and endangered minorities, which include tribals, Dalits and all women who are routinely subject to economic and social exploitation and the constant fear of sexual violence?

This also has led back to an old demand of getting the world-famous 'Koh-i-Noor' diamond, British Indian MP Keith Vaz on Tuesday called for it to be returned to India during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's UK visit in November which still Britain is reluctant to return as it is part of the Crown Jewel.

#vyapamScam:Shivraj Singh Chouhan may have to quit

The mystery surrounding the Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh is taking a new turn by the death of Invetigative Journalist Akshay Singh.Vyapam is more in the news for the deaths of the persons accused in the scam or somehow related to it. Most of the deaths have taken place under suspicious conditions.

The number of deaths was under contention and this morning morning the dean of a medical college in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh was also found dead at a hotel in Delhi.These mysterious deaths of around 44 people in the #VyapamScam is still not investigated.Why are so many people dying it is still a question mark ?

BEA is outraged by these incidents and call for the entire country to stand up against these death.Sources says that this scandal involves politicians, bureaucrats and middlemen.

The Congress has been demanding a CBI probe into the multi-crore scam, which has been refused by the government. Chouhan said, "The High Court struck down the Congress's demand for CBI probe and is monitoring the case itself."

Why Shivraj running from CBI probe?
The enquiring committee was setup in 2009 but the first sitting was in 2011 which itself proves that the investigation is delayed. Is it true or not true that the inquiry committee only had two sittings in Jan 2011. The enquiry report submitted in Nov 2011 something which is still not made public. The enquiring committe is investigating the case under High courts monitoring but again the investigating agency is also reporting to Shivraj .

The nature of death's are taking outside the state , that has a mandate across states and we need a national level agency which can put all the evidents together.

Why resist a CBI Probe ?

Thousands of candidates got admission in several courses through improper and unfair means during Shivraj Singh Chouhan's tenure. Sources says that several RSS leaders were obliged by these admissions. Shivraj Singh Chuhan was the Medical educational minister from 2008 to 2011, As a relevent minister Could he not have known about the scam ? There has not been any scam in the history Independent India where 44 people died mysteriously and Govt says it is natural death.
Former education minister Laxmikant Sharma, his officer on special duty (OSD), a host of officials and scores of aspirants have been arrested in the case. There are about 2500 accused persons and 1500 of them are in jail.

Needle of suspicion is hanging on Shivraj who is not allowing the CBI probe in the case.

Shivraj is said to be from LK Advani Camp and He along with Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh and Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje, who was the leader of opposition at that point of time, had tried to scuttle Modi’s elevation as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. If Sources has to be believed then this will be one of the biggest Scams in India.

It is time for Prime Minister Modi to pay attention to the scam and investigation should be completed as soon as possible so that no more innocents are killed.The death of the journalist in suspicious circumstances needs immediate investigation.


Matri Devo Bhava: Mother is God.

On being a small child, parents lull us to sleep, teach us how to speak, stand and walk. But a Mother plays a special role in the upbringing of her child. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not well. Your mother lives inside your laughter. She’s crystallized in every tear drop. She’s the place you came from, your first home… She’s the map you follow with every step that you take.
In many parts of the world, today is Mother’s Day: the day we honor our mothers for being our loving caretakers in childhood, our guidance in adulthood, our first teacher, our first Goddess. For some, this means a biological mother, for others an adoptive mother and for the rest, a mother-like figure. In India we see God in parents and so as in mother.
There is a saying in Hinduism: Matri Devo Bhava: mother is God.

Often we take advantage of her love for us and forget to give thanks and reverence. Those among us that have left her house and gone off on our own no longer feel obligated to even talk to her besides on special occassions such as today. What we are today is because of all the sacrifices & efforts of our parents and a Mother's role in shaping our future is appreciable.A Mother loves right from the start and holds her baby close to her heart. The bond that grows never falter.

Though as Goddess-like as she may seem, she doesn’t possess the omnipresence or immortality of Bhagvan. As much as she would like to watch over your every move and stay with you throughout your entire life, she cannot. Let’s not treat our mothers as we admittedly sometimes treat God.

“There is no shelter like the mother. There is no refuge like the mother. There is no defense like the mother. There is no one so dear as the mother… There is no mode of life that is superior to serving one’s mother.” - The Mahabharata


Apte Video : Intended leak for publicity stunt ?

Apte is a talented actress who has been working since 2005 and has a knack for picking unusual roles and standing out on the strength of her performances. This year, she’s won critical acclaim for Badlapur and Hunterrr.

Earlier this February, Radhika Apte was caught by surprise upon seeing some of her fake photographs doing the rounds on the Internet and Whatsapp. While she admits this is a peril of celebrityhood, the "Badlapur" actress says such incidents are best ignored.Few days back her Video gone Viral.

Cyber Cell of Mumbai Police have registered a case against an unknown person for leaking an adult video of Bollywood actress Radhika Apte. The case was registered after director Anurag Kashyap approached the Mumbai police with a complaint last week.

An adult video featuring Apte went viral on social media a few days back. The clip, incidentally, was a scene from Kashyap's upcoming short film which features the actress. The film is yet to be released.

The scene was for movie it would have came out definitely no matter if it was released in india or not , Also, if the scene was to be pix elated then why the director short it with real nude he could have used body double.

Google trend shows that every other user was searching for the viral video, and definately people will watch the film to check what made it controversial.

This seems to be an intended leak for publicity stunt. If you dare to be naked in front of camera then why crying foul if it got leaked. People would have seen it after release also.


What actually is snooping?
Snooping, in a security context, is unauthorized access to another person's or company's data. Snooping can include casual observance of an e-mail that appears on another's computer screen or watching what someone else is typing. Moreover this snooping although in a cyber case may be seen as a utility but when it comes to political level may prove to be disastrous.Recently, we came across a great case of snooping in politics which changed the course of Indian politics. It’s not a just case of snooping or bugging but such cases have also been into notice earlier.CASES OF SNOOPINGIt was 24 years ago, in March, 1991, when the Samajwadi Janta Party (Rashtriya) led by Chandra Shekhar, who was prime minister for four months, suddenly met its end over a matter involving policemen, that too from the neighboring state of Haryana. The Congress, the largest party in the Lok Sabha at the time, was supporting the SJP(R), a 50-odd member breakaway of the Janata Dal.
Not only this, but also the America's top spy agency NSA also snooped on activities of important BJP leaders on 2010. They said that it was part of global surveillance programme. Even the Indian government was snooped upon, but BJP was the only political party on the radar of NSA.
The Snoop gate controversy also attracted a huge crowd. It was the allegation put against the Gujarat leader for illegally snooping on a young girl on behest of Amit Shah.
The recent case which beholds the Indian politics was the case of Rahul Gandhi. It was the Congress government accusing the BJP government snooping” on opposition leaders while the Modi government called the charge “atrocious”

Now, it’s time to just wait and see whether this snooping or so called “profiling” will lead to which direction for political leaders.

(Lakshya Dharamdasani)


Well this is the theme of World Earth day as it celebrates its 45th anniversary. This could be the most exciting year in environmental history. The year in which economic growth and sustainability join hands. Ostensibly, Earth shines like a beacon reflecting sunlight off silvery white clouds, opal blue oceans and forest-tinged continents, it is hard to imagine but we are stamping our metal feet into Earth.
          Everywhere round the globe there is hubbub regarding saving mother Earth. Many treaties are signed to save earth, but where’s the will to implement them? Indeed the notion of Earth-Hour is good and it joins various countries to this pivotal issue but just turning off electricity once in a year for an hour does it all?

 Will the concept of 3R’s Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse only be confined to textbooks of school children and not being practiced?  Over 139 acres of forest is being cleared every minute worldwide. Are you aware running the tap while brushing your teeth wastes 4 gallons of water! Change in El-nino effect is also observed these days. Still man is going on with his hunting spree. Don't ignore the call of mother Earth because when nature gets indignant no one can tranquil her and there would only be bedlam and havock. Look at recurrent floods and earthquakes in China, Japan and you will realize.

 Millions said the apple fell but Newton was the one to ask why? So overcome with stigma of what others will do and think about you, every step counts…  Netherlands is an economic powerhouse ranked 16th in world in terms of GDP. By all standards, the country is rich, but when you have a glimpse of P.M. Rutte riding cycle to his office and everywhere Or when 2 Girls from Nagaland decide and clean Prabhu-ghat in Varanasi you are for sure left to think what are you doing?? Small steps of our like turning off fans and light when not in use reduce annual Carbon dioxide emissions by 28 kg! Carpooling, afforestation etc, use of solar energy can help us saving from trepidation. People are also opting for “voluntourism”, on such vacations people spend their time on activities like cleaning up national parks or building shed houses for nomads. These vacations are steadily becoming more popular and are taken up by business class too.
                                                                                                      It’s high time that we as aborigine of this mother earth tighten our shoes and work hard towards creating a beautiful world…

Carry on! Carry on!
There’s a big work to do and that’s why you are here
Let the world be better for you
And at last when you die, let this be your cry:
Carry on, my soul! Carry On!! - Robert Williams

(By Kriti Rai)

Has the time come for the Congress to play its trump card Priyanka Gandhi ?

With Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi 's absence in the Congress party many assumptions are made on Priyanka's active entry into politics.

Rahul Gandhi doesn’t seem to show any signs of taking part in the race but his dharma his destiny is written as far as congress is concerned . The Gandhi family is the bonding adhesive of Congress. The minute the family is not there, the party will begin to fall apart.

An outsourced Prime Minister may be Rahul’s smart way or The Family’s clever way of blunting the attacks on dynasty, birth-based privilege and divine right to rule that marks the Congress. Who Rahul could possibly appoint if he is in a position to do so in 2014?
Could this be Priyanka Gandhi herself ? She is the emerging political bud of Gandhi Family .

The press is already rampant with speculation, the unfounded just-like-grandma comparisons growing ever louder with each Rahul debacle. Can she escape her fate?

Priyanka as prime minister might bring the charisma and communication that her brother has so far failed to show.

Outsourcing the political executive has a long history in India. Mahatma Gandhi never contested elections and left the governance of newly independent India to Jawaharlal Nehru. Jayaprakash Narayan also never contested elections, leaving Morarji Desai to head the post Emergency Janata government. Bal Thackeray never contested elections either, preferring to be the kingmaker confined to Matoshree, appointing and dismissing Maharahstra ministers from the pinnacle of unofficial authority.

Rahul’s list of outsourced Prime Ministers would be Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Rural Development. Nandan Nilekani, chairman UIDAI, Rahul’s own political guru and mentor, his declared tutor in the mass politics, Digvijaya Singh.

For the sake of the country and the happiness of its people, let’s hope for the best.

(The article is contributed by Bipin Sasi)

Had Sanjay Gandhi been alive ?

Sanjay Gandhi was a controversial and polarizing figure. At a political discussion an interesting remark came from a Congresman , Had Sanjay Gandhi been alive there would not have been threat of Narendra Modi. Does Congress thinks that Rahul's image is not suffice for handling NaMo Factor ? His son Varun is a BJP MP.

Wiki leaks cable reveals that Prime Ministers 30 year old Son, Sanjay Gandhi abandoned back corridor politics to step into the political limelight.

One thing is certain, had Sanjay's plane not crashed, he would have become Indira Gandhi's eventual successor

Sanjay was 'disowned' by Congress Dynasty the day his widow was thrown out of Indira's house. Many people had doubts about the reason for the plane crash which killed Sanjay.

In June 1975 his mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, imposed a state of Emergency. All opposition politicians were arrested, and the press censored. Sanjay himself quickly emerged as the second most powerful person in India. Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers took orders from him.

According to sources , Sanjay had wanted the Nehru-Gandhi family to rule forever. He persuaded his mother to set up a 12-member committee headed by Swaran Singh to draft a new constitution for India. The document under preparation apparently included a provision appointing Indira Gandhi as the President of India for life and conferring on her family the divine right to uninterrupted rule. To push the process forward, Sanjay got the assemblies of Haryana, West Bengal and Punjab, all ruled by his loyalists, to pass resolutions demanding a new Constitution for the country. Fortunately, Emergency was lifted and the Congress was voted out of power before his plans bore fruition.

Today congress internally seems to miss a vibrant and PM material like Sanjay Gandhi in the Nehru family.