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Vijay Mallya Wives, Daughters and Girlfriends

Vijay Mallya is nothing short of an enigma. The people who have the opportunity to personally meet him vow for his acumen and brilliance. However, the common men of India don’t consider him worthy of being taken seriously. He is widely believed to have ruined a flourishing business and let UB group go out of the hand of Mallya family. He is no more a liquor baron. Vijay Mallya gifted his son Kingfisher Airlines on his 18th birthday. And, this has become a case study to not be so much sentimental when it comes to businesses. Kingfisher Airlines completely ruined the life of Vijay Mallya and converted him from ‘King of Good Times’ to ‘Monarch of Loan Defaulters in India’. He is also known for owning an IPL team with a ‘choking habit’ like South Africa and not winning any IPL despite having immense potential.

This article is about his personal life, which is also quite interesting like his business world.

Wives of Vijay Mallya The father of Vijay Mallya was Late Vittal Mallya, who had huge property in Bangalore. Vijay Mallya has already liquidated all of plum property of his family while spending time with cute and sexy girls for Kingfisher Calendars.

Vittal Mallya originally belonged to Magalore. The initial study of Vijay was also from the same town. Later, Vittal shifted to Bangalore and soon became a prominent businessman of the city. Vijay went to the US to study and had to return because of the untimely death of Shri Vittal.

Initially, Vijay ran the business in a very impressive manner. But, it was his love life which came into his way.

While travelling to the USA on an Air India flight, he saw SameeraTyabji. Vijay fell into the amazing beauty of Samira instantly. He befriended him and soon decided to marry Samira. Vijay married Samira when he was 28 and running a big business empire. They had a son within one year named Sidharth Mallya. You might have known Siddharth Mallya who also fell in love with Deepika Padukone. When Deepika saw that the graph of Siddharth is going down, she – true to her habit – deserted him.

After divorce, Vijay lived a lavish life hanging out with cute girls. But, in 1993, he got the news that Rekha, his childhood love, has got another divorce. Vijay soon proposed Rekha and they got married.

Actually, Rekha and Vijay were lover from their school days. Somehow, Vittal didn’t approve their courtship and hence Rekha married Pratap Chettiapa, a coffee businessman. They had a daughter after which the couple got divorce. Soon, Rekha married another rich businessman Shahid Mahmood from whom she has another daughter - Laila Mahmood - and a son, named Kabir. She divorced Shahid in 1993 and married Vijay Mallya. Hence, Rekha is the second wife of Mallya who is her third husband. Vijay and Rekha have two daughters and both of them are staying in the USA. As you can see, till now, Rekha has given birth to five babies from three marriages.

Laila Mahmood, Step Dauther of Vijay Mallya
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Vijay is taking care of all of Rekha’s children. Unfortunately, the eldest daughter Stella had died in a car crash in 2003. Vijay was seen quite disturbed by her demise.

There is no denying that Vijay is quite close to his son Siddharth Mallay. It is because of him that Mallya is still in touch with his first wife Sameera. In fact, both of them are still taking care of all needs of Siddharth like a couple – by living apart.

Rekha is quite a private person, an introvert. She tries her best to keep away from the media limelight.

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