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Is Karni Sena above supreme court and Indian Government ?

The Karni Sena has announced a Bharat Bandh on January 25th and threatens to burn multiplexes that screen the movie Padmaavat. The film is visually stunning & has great performances. It is more about Khilji, his sexuality & his obsessions. The actual history cannot be distorted especially when you are dealing with a historical topic like that of queen Padmavati and Jauhar. The mental and emotional turmoil that these women must have gone through isn’t a topic which can be depicted in the right way through a commercial Bollywood cinema. Bhansali said that he has made the movie based on Padmavat, written by Khilji’s court poet, in which there is a dream sequence.The movie release is objected by VHP and Karni Sena both . The question is that Indian government is capable of maintaining law and order or not. The reviews have been given by so many well known and reputed news channels and journalists including CNN News, Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami and all of them are nearly saying the same thing that in the movie there is nothing against Rajputs. Just opposite to this thought of something wrong in the movie, every single frame of it is a cinematic tribute to the Rajputs and Rani Padmavati.

But karni Sena Rajput are still creating controversies after watching it, it may be thought for promoting the film.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given an optimistic speech at Davos today about making India safe for business, but are the gau-rakshaks, axe-murderers, violent mobs burning movie theaters listening to him? For business to thrive, India first needs law and order!

We Can't beat Hindutva drum at home and business drum abroad. Unless society's free of religious hatred, bias and violence, open-ness, trust and business confidence cannot be created in climate of fear. A majoritarian government that turns a blind eye to violence against minorities and lawless mobs in name of Hindutva can't create a safe business climate. India need to stop Hindutva mobs first to make India safe for business. The  question is weather Karni Sena is above Supreme Court and Indian Government ?