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Why is PayTM being promoted by the BJP despite Alibaba, a Chinese firm, being its largest shareholder?

I was listening to the latest speech of Kanhaiya Kumar about Indian Media. He was claiming that Government supporters encourage people to boycott chinese products and on the other hand Modi's demonetization policy compelled people to use Paytym. He further claimed that Paytm is a chinese invested company.After the note ban, PayTM usage increased by 400% and the app has now been downloaded on over 50 million devices. The circumstances in itself were in favour of apps like PayTM and Freecharge

Paytm integrates with Splitwise to make money sharing easy

Indian android users can rejoice as Splitwise app has integrated with Paytm and sharing money online was never this easy. You can repay any friend on Splitwise within seconds using your Paytm account without any long processes or complicated transactions.

To access the integration, open a group or friendship where you owe money, tap “Settle Up”, then tap Pay via your account. After tapping on ‘Pay with Paytm’, Splitwise will prompt you to confirm the recipient’s phone number as well as the payment amount too. Hitting “Next” will launch the Paytm app to complete the transaction and that will be it.