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Oracle lays off 100 in India

Oracle has laid off nearly 100 employees in India as part of a global restructuring exercise, Times of India reports, citing sources it didn’t identify. Pink slips were issued to software developers, quality assurance and documentation professionals last week. The technology giant’s transition from its traditional software licenses and hardware businesses to cloud-driven subscriptions is causing job redundancies, global news reports indicate. The company — which has 38,000 staffers in India — is reportedly shedding jobs in the US and Mexico too.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is expected to be available to Windows Insiders

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is expected to be available to Windows Insiders very soon. Ahead of an official release, a few publications have gotten access to the new browser. Windows Central has published a detailed walkthrough of the browser as well.

Google Chrome currently dominates the desktop browser market. According to statista, Chrome has the highest market share at 67.7% followed by Firefox at 10.96%. Microsoft’s dated Internet Explorer is the third most popular app (6.97%) whereas Edge ranks fifth with mere 4.24% shares.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 vs Samsung Galaxy M10: Price, specs and features compared

Xiaomi just announced the Redmi 7 budget smartphone in China. The Redmi 7 succeeds last year's Redmi 6 and is one of Xiaomi's most affordable smartphones right now. Xiaomi has not confirmed whether the Redmi 7 will launch in India, but we can assume this considering the company launched the Redmi 6 last year. In terms of pricing, the Redmi 7 comes with a starting price of around Rs 7,000, which means the phone's main competitor in India will be the Galaxy M10  

World Wide Web Turns 30

March 12 is a special day in the history of the Internet - it is the birthday of the World Wide Web. It was on March 12 in 1989 that British physicist Tim Berners-Lee, working for Europe's physics lab CERN, proposed a decentralised system of information management. It signalled the birth of the World Wide Web, that is today used by billions around the world to access the Internet.

To celebrate the World Wide Web's 30th birthday, Google came up with a special doodle to remind netizens of how things were in early days. "Not to be confused with the internet, which had been evolving since the 1960s, the World Wide Web is an online application built upon innovations like HTML language, URL "addresses," and hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP", said Google in a blog post.

Google launches Bolo app for kids lacking good education support system in rural India

Looking at plight of school system in rural areas of most Indian states where poor and financially backward families are dependent on the government backed schools, Google has come out with a smart solution to make a change with the use of smartphones, which have increasingly become a common sight in rural areas. The company has unveiled Bolo Android app to facilitate rural kids who are devoid of having access to a good education support system. The app, which is a speech-based reading-tutor app to assist such kids, was released on Wednesday in India first. The Bolo app is now available for free via Google Play and can work offline.

Nearly 2,800 sites blocked in 2018

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology blocked 2,799 URLs last year for allegedly hosting malicious content, up from 1,385 in 2017 and 633 in 2016. Economic Times reports that internet activists are up in arms over the government withholding the list of such sites despite several RTI queries, besides not citing any reason for the blockade. Internet advocacy groups also claim that websites of NGOs and human rights groups that are critical of government policy have been barred. A MeitY official said no website is blocked arbitrarily and the “intermediary platform is free to agree to it or disagree.”

Indian ISPs, especially Reliance Jio and Airtel, seem to be blocking access to a wide variety of services, including VPN websites, torrent sites, Telegram, and even Soundcloud. The Internet Freedom Foundation crowdsourced a list of over 130 user complaints from across India. 

What Would Microsoft Gain From GitHub Acquisition? Increased Azure Adoption

What would Microsoft gain from buying the open source community GitHub? For almost a week now, this news has been doing the rounds. Now, GitHub CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath has confirmed the acquisition in a blog post. Wanstrath said that the acquisition took place because Microsoft and GitHub saw eye-to-eye on core subjects like the growing need for developers and the growing importance of software in all facets of modern lives. He said in a statement, “We both believe that software development needs to become easier, more accessible, more intelligent, and more open, so more people can become developers and existing developers can spend more time focusing on the unique problems they’re trying to solve.”

Now, this big news in the machine learning and data science world has generated interest on many levels such as:

Why would Microsoft, a tech behemoth, be interested in buying a code repository which is popular with web developers

Does GitHub need corporate backing for open source products to take offWill developers take their code offsiteAccording to a GitHub note, they have earned mindshare within the developer community, and Microsoft’s acquisition is certainly an attempt to garner and cultivate that mindshare. 

However, the long-term strategic implication seems to be that Microsoft wants to use GitHub as a means to drive Azure adoption.GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij said, “The way developers produce, deliver and maintain code has changed significantly in the last ten years and we applaud GitHub for being a driving force supporting the vast independent developer community through this evolution. This acquisition affirms the global importance of software developers and their influence in the enterprise. Microsoft likely acquired GitHub so it could more closely integrate it with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and ultimately help drive compute usage for Azure.”

After a 20-year-run, Oath, the parent company of Yahoo, will shutter Yahoo Messenger on July 17

After a 20-year-run, Oath, the parent company of Yahoo, will shutter Yahoo Messenger on July 17. While the company has no replacement product for Messenger, users looking for Messenger will be redirected to download the new group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel, currently in beta testing. Although Oath didn't offer a reason for its decision to discontinue Messenger, the product faced stiff competition from Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger, Snapchat and WeChat.

WhatsApp shares “limited data” of its India-centric payments service with parent Facebook.

WhatsApp shares “limited data” of its India-centric payments service with parent Facebook. That’s because Facebook acts as a service provider for WhatsApp Pay, provides customer support and helps keep payments secure, PTI reports, quoting communication from WhatsApp. But Facebook does not use payment information for commercial purposes, WhatsApp says. About 700,000 users have tried out WhatsApp Pay but the official launch has been delayed due to the Centre’s privacy concerns around sharing and storage of data.

Why Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the ocean

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the second phase of Project Natick, a research experiment that aims to understand the benefits and challenges of deploying large-scale data centers under water. In this second phase, the team sank a tank the size of a shipping container with numerous server racks off the coast of the Orkney islands and plans to keep it there for a few years to see if this is a viable way of deploying data centers in the future.Microsoft’s cloud strategy has long been about putting its data centers close to major population centers. So with large offshore wind farms potentially providing renewable power and the obvious cooling benefits of being under water (and cooling is a major cost factor for data centers), trying an experiment like this makes sense.

Firefox releases extension container to prevent Facebook from snooping on you

The Facebook Container Extension is available to use with Firefox now, and once it's installed, Facebook will be housed in its own "container" each time you visit it. You'll see blue lines around Facebook indicating that it's in a new container tab, but everything will still work as per usual.

Once installed it'll automatically delete any of your Facebook cookies and log you out of your account. Clicking on a non-Facebook link while browsing Facebook will open it in a regular tab, and clicking on Facebook Share links in regular tabs will open them in the Facebook Container.

"If you use your Facebook credentials to create an account or log in using your Facebook credentials, it may not work properly and you may not be able to login. Also, because you're logged into Facebook in the container tab, embedded Facebook comments and Like buttons in tabs outside the Facebook container tab will not work. This prevents Facebook from associating information about your activity on websites outside of Facebook to your Facebook identity. So it may look different than what you are used to seeing."

#JioJuice no need of a charger. Too good to believe. Not sure #AprilFoolsDay

A day after announcing the much anticipated rollover of Jio Prime Benefits for one more year until March 2019, Reliance Jio made another tempting offer that is hard to resist for any mobile phone user. In a little over one minute long video, Jio promotes JioJuice, a new offering for the Jio users. The jio customers now don't need to carry heavy chargers or power banks. The Jio Juice allows the mobile phone users to recharge their phones by inserting the 4G SIM card.

The users found the newly announced technological innovation quite incredible. Thanks to the announcement made a day before the April Fool's Day, some users on Twitter even took the liberty of comparing the mega announcement by Mukesh Ambani-led Jio Infocomm to an April Fool's prank.

A handful, however, called it a great innovation.

The Jio Juice allows wireless charging of mobile phones. This can be done by inserting the 4G data pack that enables transfer of energy through electro-magnetic induction.

COMMENTSIn the video, a mobile phone user realizes that her phone is switched off while she is walking in the middle of the road. This puts her off and she stomps her feet in distress. And Jio Juice announces that here is the alternative. Now, she, or any Jio user, can simply insert a Jio sim in order to charge the mobile phone without having to use a mobile charger or a power bank

Facebook Response to Government's Data Breach Query Sought by April 7

The government today wrote to social networking giant Facebook, seeking its response over the user data breach and details of the measures it has put in place to ensure safety and prevent misuse of personal data.

Meanwhile, Facebook said that it is taking additional steps which will be rolled out in coming weeks to put people more in control of their privacy.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) today said that a notice seeking details relating to breach of data from Facebook had been sent to Cambridge Analytica particularly with regard to reports in the media about questionable practices attributed to the UK-based firm in their efforts to influence elections.

"It is felt that there is a need for further information about the data breach from Facebook. Accordingly, a letter has been issued by the Ministry of Electronics & IT on March 28, 2018 to Facebook seeking their response," Meity said in a statement.

Private life? Here is how much Google knows about you

Want to freak yourself out? I’m gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it  Google stores your location (if you have it turned on) every time you turn on your phone, and you can see a timeline from the first day you started using Google on your phone   Google stores search history across all your devices on a separate database, so even if you delete your search history and phone history, Google STILL stores everything until you go in and delete everything, and you have to do this on all devices  Google creates an advertisement profile based on your information, including your location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, possible weight and income

BSNL lines up `4,300 cr for network expansion

State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will invest about Rs 4,300 crore to expand network in 2018-19, and another Rs 5,000-6,000 crore is likely to be the utilised for government telecom projects, according to a top official. The investment of Rs 4,300 crore earmarked for BSNL's own expansion will primarily go into strengthening the mobile network, upgrading broadband infrastructure and strengthening the core network, its chairman and MD Anupam Shrivastava said. “Rs 5,000 to 6,000 crore will be spent on government projects like Bharat Net, network for spectrum, the Comprehensive Telecom Development Plan for North-east, as well as boosting connectivity to Andaman with optical fibre network, and others,” he said. Other government projects that BSNL is executing include providing bandwidth to Lakshadweep Islands, and connecting remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh, he said. “Government is investing in large connectivity projects, where private players are not going. BSNL is being used as one of the vehicles to execute those projects and we do that work on behalf of the government,” he said. Mr Shrivastava said that the telecom corporation will look to install 12,000 mobile towers for 3G services and 10,000 for 4G services. This will have a provision for 100 per cent expansion mapped to BSNL's 4G services roll-out and spectrum allocation.

Amid Data Breach Row, Congress Deletes Android App from Google Playstore

The Indian National Congress’s official ‘WithINC’ Android application was today deletedfrom the Google Play Store. This detail was highlighted just hours after Elliot Alderson, a French vigilante hacker, went public with allegations of the Congress Android app mismanaging user data.

A Google Search for the term 'With INC’ did return a link for the app’s Play Store landing page, indicating that the app was up on the Google store up until recently. (That link led to a “Sorry! This content is not available in your country yet” page on the Google Play Store.)

According to the hacker Congress site was not using any SSL certificate and the data was transferred on a http protocal which is unsafe.

Gift Chromebook to your parents

A Chromebook is a laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are primarily used to perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data residing in the cloud rather than on the machine itself.  Some Chromebooks can also run Android apps. As of 2015 they were the most common computers bought by US K–12 schools.

The first Chromebooks for sale, by Acer Inc. and Samsung, began shipping on June 15, 2011. In addition to laptop models, a desktop version, called a Chromebox, was introduced in May 2012, and an "all-in-one" device, called a Chromebase, was introduced in January 2014, by LG Electronics.

Chromebooks are primarily sold both directly from Google and from the company's retail partners. By 2012, schools had become the largest category of customer. That October, Google broadened its marketing strategy to include first-time computer users and households seeking an additional computer.

If you are planning to gift a digital device to your parents then chrome books is one of the best gifts. It is simple to operate and one can surf internet hassle free.

Google AI can predict heart disease risk from eye images

Researchers at Google have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can accurately predict the risk of heart diseases by scanning images of people's retina.

The discovery may point to more ways to diagnose health issues from retinal images, researchers said.

"Using deep learning algorithms trained on data from 284,335 patients, we were able to predict cardiovascular risk factors from retinal images with surprisingly high accuracy for patients from two independent datasets of 12,026 and 999 patients," Lily Peng from the Google Brain Team wrote in a blog post.

The algorithm could distinguish the retinal images of a smoker from that of a non-smoker 71 per cent of the time.

Prostitution services through Linkedin profiles

According to a report published in Linked in , The world’s oldest profession is thriving on the world’s largest professional network. LinkedIn has numerous Indian profiles offering escort services, adult entertainment and massages with happy endings, spanning across cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata.These services continue even though LinkedIn has banned them since 2013. In its user agreement, the US company instructs its users not to create “profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution”.

Most cryptocurrencies will crash to zero, Goldman Sachs says

Most cryptocurrencies are likely to fail with their value falling to zero, Goldman Sachs said in a note, comparing the current market to the "internet bubble of the late 1990s."

Steve Strongin, head of Goldman Sachs global investment research, said in a note dated Monday, that cryptocurrencies don't have "intrinsic value" adding that it's "unlikely" whether any of today's digital currencies are likely to survive in the long run.

"People seem to be trading cryptocurrencies as though they're all going to survive, or at least maintain their value. The high correlation between the different cryptocurrencies worries me. Contrary to what one would expect in a rational market, new currencies don't seem to reduce the value of old currencies; they all seem to move as a single asset class," Strongin said.

"But if you believe this is a 'few-winners take-most' situation, then the potential for retirement depreciation should be taken into account. And because of the lack of intrinsic value, the currencies that don't survive will most likely trade to zero."

The Goldman research note comes after a violent sell-off in the cryptocurrency market over the past few days, which at its lowest point on Tuesday, saw over $550 billion of value wiped off the market. Bitcoin even dipped below $6,000 for the first time since November.