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Ransomware attacks have doubled over the past year

Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2018 shows they account for two out of five malware-related breaches now. Worryingly, hackers are increasingly targeting business-critical functions like human resources departments to “extract employee wage and tax data… to commit tax fraud and divert tax rebates”. Pretexting (wherein an individual lies to obtain privileged data) and phishing account for 98% of social incidents and 93% of all such attacks, the study says. A recent survey showed that India was the third-most vulnerable country in the world by the number of security threats.

Wanna Cry: Hundreds of ATMs shut down across India to escape ransomware attack, RBI denies

Ministry of Home Affairs sources said some ATMs all over the country have been closed down as a preventive step following concerns against the virus attack.

Amidst reports that India is among the worst affected countries from the Wanna Cry ransomware attack, the Indian government has shut down some ATMs all over the country as a preventive measure against the cyber attack.