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Hogenakkal Review : Indian Nigera falls

Hogenakkal falls is around 170Kms from Bangalore towards E-city and then Hosur road. It takes around 4.5 hrs to reach because of traffic in the Hosur road toll. Once reaching the spot, we have to collect the tickets of coracle ride.The place of falls cannot be seen from the place on land so u have to take a boat called 'theppa' they will cost you depending on the season and they will take you to the falls they will show u around 10 falls with a very risky distance the water there is very deep with lots of vertex. So be careful not for light hearted!   It costs around INR 750/- for 1 coracle and it can take 4 people with a maximum weight of 350Kgs.  Some coracle charge INR 300 per ride for just a 5 minute ride. The boatsmen are always right behind you to take you for a ride, literally and figuratively.

32 IAS officers, including 7 Collectors transferred in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI: The State government on Tuesday transferred 32 IAS officers including senior officials and seven district collectors. Senior officer PWC Davidar has been appointed as transport secretary in place of Chandrakant B Kamble, while the post he held so far, chairman and managing director, TUFIDCO, has been given to Kamble.