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MP cyber cell catches two Mumbai-based men for buying credit card data from Dark Web

Indore: In what could send shivers down the spine of credit and debit card users, Madhya Pradesh cyber cell found that detailed information about customers of Indian banks was available for sale in the Dark Web for prices as low as Rs 500.
The fact came to fore when the cyber cell busted an international gang. During investigations posed as a customer and bought debit card details of an Indore-based woman in exchange of Bitcoins - a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system that is dubbed as first decentralized digital currency.

The cyber cell has arrested two Mumbai members of the gang led by a Pakistani national operating Lahore for stealing credit card information of one Jaykishan Gupta, a banking professional and resident of Agar Malwa district. Gupta had lodged a complaint with the Ujjain wing of the cyber cell claiming that he received a message on his phone that Rs 72,401 was debited from his credit card account on August 28.

The accused had been purchasing details of credit and debit cards of Indians from the Dark Web - the encrypted part of the Web that allows anonymity and is not often accessible to search engines. They used the cards of unsuspecting individuals to make costly purchases and tickets for foreign travel.