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Why JIRA ?

JIRA is a project management software that is quite popular among many companies including top brands such as Ebay, Cisco, Adobe, Salesforce, LinkedIn, NASA.The tool is widely used because there is not expensive consulting engagements, implementation, or maintenance to pay. The workflows can be created in a day and customers can start using it immediately. The tool can be installed on-premise or on Cloud Virtual Machine depending on your choice.

JIRA service desk agents can be added for $10/mo which is pay per monthly usage. Basically, the options you have are to purchase JIRA for a small team (up to 10 users), or to choose some of the available options for growing teams. It can be integrated with many other business system like Sales Force, Stash etc.

JIRA also provide intuitive portal that only shows customers what they care about: services they need and the progress of their tickets. On the agent side, teams can deliver more efficiently with tickets processed by Jira workflows.

If your software teams already use Jira Software, you can connect IT tickets to the dev team’s backlog. Get to the root cause of problems before they escalate, and close the feedback loop between customers, service teams, and developer teams. JIRA is a fantastic agile tool set and to be fair can offer a better point solution for SDLC.If you want to drive operational responsibility for the success of software features to the developers that write the code you want that seamless interaction between processes.

JIRA uses SLA for Incident management tickets which helps agents resolve the issue within the permitted timeline.The service-level agreements are completely configurable in JQL. It helps meet the customer commitment. JQL is JIRA Query language which is helpful in pulling the reports in seconds, Any user can go in and pull any required report. In seconds, you can report on anything from time-to-response, time-to-resolution, and more. You can create your own reporting dashboards based on custom JQL's. If you think you need additional reporting then you can opt for any plugin from Atlassian Vendor market place.

The tool is robust and flexible for your custom needs.

(The article is submitted by Bipin who is working on JIRA & Google Cloud Platform. He can be reached at