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Will it be Pratibha Advani against Digvijay Singh on Bhopal Loksabha Seat ?

The Bhopal seat has been reduced to a prestige issue for BJP, which rides on the support of Hindus and in such a case would hate to lose to Singh, whom the party has vigorously accused of minority appeasement in the past.In the endless list of probable candidates, Pratibha, the daughter of BJP patriarch LK Advani is the latest entrant. The name started doing rounds soon after Advani, who has been denied re-nomination from Gandhinagar, went public airing his views on the ongoing anti-national debate. Pritibha, a successful anchor and YV producer fails to charm BJP’s local unit, She might be a novice candiate against heavy weight Digvijay Singh. MP Alok Sanjar, BJP organisational secretary VD Sharma and Bhopal mayor Alok Sharma, which were once making rounds, faded quickly.Shivraj singh chouhan was also in the list but he seems disinterested.

Haryana Superstar Sapna Chaudhary Joins Congress

Popular stage performer from Haryana, Sapna Chaudhary, joined Congress. She is expected to fight polls against Hema Malini in Mathura, which has a dominant Jat presence.

As of 2018, Sapna has done item numbers in a couple of Bollywood movies. She did item numbers in the movie ‘Veere Di Wedding‘ and ‘Nanu Ki Janu.’ She is also going to debut as a lead actress in the Bollywood movie ‘Dosti Ke Side Effects.’Sapna belongs to a middle-class Jat family. Her father worked in a private company. At the age of 12, she lost her father. After her father passed away, the responsibility to sustain her family fell on her shoulders. Due to the financial problem in her home, she started dancing. Although she was born in Haryana, she now resides in Delhi. She got popularity after entering Big Boss 11.

As suspected earlier , Hardik Patel To Join Congress Today

Hardik Patel, Patidar quota agitation leader from Gujarat, will join Congress today during the party's Working Committee meet in Ahmedabad where party chief Rahul Gandhi and party leader Priyanka Gandhi will also be present.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, he said, "To give shape to my intentions to serve society and country, I have decided to join Indian National Congress on 12th March in presence of Shri Rahul Gandhi and other senior leaders."

Dirty digital war

Rahul in his inimitable quixotic style abused the Modi government of tampering with EVM’s to social media data. Now Congress is in a  x and mess. A video has emerged showing Congress party’s campaign poster at the once of Cambridge Analytica Chief ’s office.The poster of Congress with the hand symbol also carries the party slogan “Development for all”. The video clip comes a day after whistleblower Christopher Wylie in a testimony to a British Parliamentary Committee confirmed that Congress party was a client to Cambridge Analytica. The British  firm is accused of illegally gaining access to data of over 50 million FB users to influence elections. The recent revelations of Cambridge Analytica  files have created frustration and troubling relationship between politics and social media. It is now a global scandal. Many countries have started experiencing this as all over the internet two whistleblowers revealed how FB had mined and sold data of 50 million Americans to a political consultancy  firm. UK also experienced how FB data had been used by Pro-Brexit campaigners to tilt the narrow vote. In both cases direct links can be drawn, such as a key Trump adviser was a director in the board of Cambridge Analytica. The development is not pleasant for FB as Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his company had made certain mistakes that violated the trust and privacy of FB users. On the surface, it is not a simple mistake. Personal data, conversations and private information of millions of ordinary citizens have become a new weapon in the hands of many political parties. The whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange and two employees of Cambridge Analytica are veterans in this digital game. The solution to arrest this threat to democracy depends on the government and the public. They should come together and decide what information can be shared and what cannot be.