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Google image search shows Pakistan flag for 'best toilet paper in the world'

Typing 'best toilet paper in the world' in Google’s image search shows pictures of Pakistan's national flags as the first few results.Twitterati wasted no time in posting screen grabs of the search result on the social media platform.The incident surfaces just two days after the attack on a CRPF convoy in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district on February 14 that killed 44 CRPF personnel in the deadliest attack on security forces in decades.
This, is not the first time when Google algorithm has thrown up irrelevant images. Last year, US President Donald Trump was leading the search of the word 'idiot' on Google's image search. This was partially attributed to the Green Day song - American Idiot - which was used by protesters during his trip to London.

Is Google's new 'Neighbourly app' a new source of ad revenue for Google in India ?

Google’s Next Billion Users program is making headlines all across the media. It’s in the news for connecting railway stations with WiFi, building India-first products and features, and connecting rural India with the Internet and technology.

Gradually, the reach of the program is growing and covering all the major areas. The newest area of exploration is of social networking, an area where Google had failed multiple times.Unveiled in India this month under Google’s Next Billion Users program, Neighbourly, the hyperlocal social network, is a real-time app to answer one’s quick questions in English and 8 more local languages.The app provides precise information to people without getting them involved in group chats that ‘keep getting lengthier and noisier’, such as WhatsApp’s tendency to fill up the window with ‘good morning’ messages.,'

What Neighbourly is essentially about

In essence, Neighbourly, is a crowdsourced, questions and answers app, with great privacy features, where people in neighborhoods can collectively create a hyper-local guide with tips, shortcuts, recommendations, events etc.

Users will be able to post, answer, and follow questions on Neighbourly, and there's a feedback system wherein people rate answers. The most reliable answers to questions appear on top.Neighbourly relies heavily on what Google has learned from its search and digital assistant offerings. A third of searches in India are already voice-activated, so Neighbourly lets users ask questions verbally in their local language. The app provides helpful question starters such as "Where can I find..." "Who is the best..." or "Can you recommend..." to obviate the need for typing.
Neighbourly relies heavily on what Google has learned from its search and digital assistant offerings. A third of searches in India are already voice-activated, so Neighbourly lets users ask questions verbally in their local language. The app provides helpful question starters such as "Where can I find..." "Who is the best..." or "Can you recommend..." to obviate the need for typing.

The app uses familiar social networking techniques. Much the way Uber passengers can rate drivers, Neighbourly users accumulate credibility scores based on how others rank their responses. High-ranked answers bubble to the top.

Experts see a larger plan behind the launch of the platform. They believe that the launch of the social networking app opens a new source of ad revenue for Google which can sell high-priced targeted local ads while collecting more information about user preferences.Google had limited success with

Google+, Hangouts and Allo and time will tell if the company's strategy with Neighborly app succeed or not. I tried installing it and this is what i see after the installation. 

You can find more details about the app at https://neighbourly.google.com/

(The article is contributed by Chandrasekar V who is an expert on Cloud Technologies)

Principles of healthy living by Mahatma Gandhi

Health is real wealth
“It is Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”, MK Gandhi had once said. Mahatma believed that nothing is more valuable than good health, and passed this advice to all the future generations. So, make health, not wealth, your priority.

Live life your way
"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it. Because nobody else will”, reads one of MK Gandhi’s famous quotes. 
He always asked people around him to live life feeling passionate and honest  and by following a sense of purpose. Live your life your way. If there is something to be done, do it and do it now!

Self-restraint is key to healthy eating
“The body was never meant to be treated as a refuse bin, holding all the foods that the palate demands”, the Mahatma had said.
Gandhi always professed the need of healthy eating to keep body and soul in good shape. Throughout his life, he experimented with various diets and practiced self-restrain. At one point, he turned completely vegan for 6 years and also restrained milk products during this phase. He chose foods he found strengthening and gave up those foods that made him weak. That’s how he found a healthier, well-rounded diet combination.
Self-restraint is key to healthy eating

Give body time to detox
Gandhi fasted on several occasions. This practice, he believed, helps detox your body, utilize fat deposits, cleanse the stomach and get rid of toxins to safeguard against infections.
Give body time to detox

Bring discipline in life
Gandhiji always abided by “Early to bed and early to rise.” He approved of a disciplined routine to optimise one’s body and mind. So, here is your lesson – get enough Zzz when it is right and give body rest and time to repair itself. Wake up early to give yourself more time to do the umpteen things you wouldn’t have done otherwise.
Bring discipline in life

Gmail introduces new features!!!

To keep users from giving up on from their webmail for good, Gmail has made a strong effort to filter out spam and help users keep only the mail they want to see in their inbox. Now Gmail is going to provide even more control.
Users will soon have the option to block users they never want to receive messages from again. Future messages will go straight to the spam folder, as though you had created a filter with their name on it. And you have the option to undo this action in Settings. The feature has gone live on the web yesterday, and it will roll out to the Android app over the next week.

Another feature making its way to the app, but already live on the web is that the users can easily unsubscribe from mailing lists. Just tap the option in the menu to have these removed from future annoyances.

New look - G

Anyone who has recently used the Google page, would have observed the video on the new logo which the company has launched.  The new logo was launched on Sept 1 , 2015. This comes after a major restructuring last month which also gave rise to a new company Alphabet.

“Google is one destination that can be reached only by one device: a desktop PC. Now people interact with Google products across many different platforms all in a single day. So this is Google’s innovative way of rebranding itself so as to update itself to the computing world.” – Company said in their blogpost.  This is the biggest redesign change since 1999.

The logo has undergone many small changes in its history. The colors have changed, 3D letters have been flattened and exclamation point came and went in 1999.  

One would also see the 4 color dots which makes up the new colorful G logo and bidding adieu to the blue G. This is also in line with the new elements like Google Mike which can be used for talking, & typing! 

More design roll outs are in the offering for different products.