5 Sep 2017

Indian-origin Vasant Narasimhan to head $48 billion pharma giant Novartis

Vasant (Vas) Narasimhan has been named as the global chief executive officer (CEO) of  the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, making him the first Indian origin person to hold the post in a large pharma multinational.
2 Sep 2017

Nanomachines that drill into cancer cells killing them in just 60 seconds developed by scientists

Nanomachines which can drill into cancer cells, killing them in just 60 seconds, have been developed by scientists.

The tiny spinning molecules are driven by light, and spin so quickly that they can burrow their way through cell linings when activated.
31 Aug 2017

Sindoor powder contains ‘unsafe levels of lead’

A red pigment known as Sindoor powder or vermillion, commonly daubed on the face during Hindi ceremonies could contain unsafe levels of lead, according to a report published by Reuters.
Sindoor powder sold in the United States and India could have unsafe levels of lead, warn researchers.

Marijuana affects the way people walk, study discovers


Experts at the University of South Australia have studied 44 people, mostly in their 20s, with around half reporting to be marijuana smokers. The participants underwent balance and gait tests using motion capture systems and clinical neurological examinations into their movements.
27 Aug 2017

In three years, Bengaluru will be a ‘dead city’, says IISc study

Bengaluru: By 2020, India's IT capital will be an unlivable sea of concrete and glass with barely any trees, a victim of the unplanned urbanization that will reduce its greenery to barely 6.46% from the 63 per cent green cover it enjoyed in 1973.

Priyanka Gandhi diagnosed with dengue, admitted in hospital

Priyanka Gandhi was diagnosed with dengue on Wednesday evening and admitted in Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

The 45-year-old daughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi is being treated by chest medicine consultant Dr. Arup Basu, reports said.
23 Aug 2017

What You Need to Know About Coronary Artery Disease

It should go without saying that cardiovascular disease is a very serious issue; however, many people are simply unaware of what exactly heart disease is and how to recognize the signs.
cardiologist knows the devastating effects of this disease , It is very important to raise awareness about this illness and promote good cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary heart disease (CHD), are epidemic in India. The Registrar General of India reported that CHD led to 17% of total deaths and 26% of adult deaths in 2001-2003, which increased to 23% of total and 32% of adult deaths in 2010-2013. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Burden of Disease Study also have highlighted increasing trends in years of life lost (YLLs) and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) from CHD in India. In India, studies have reported increasing CHD prevalence over the last 60 years, from 1% to 9%-10% in urban populations and <1% to 4%-6% in rural populations.

Tweak your diet to improve gut health

The food we eat goes down a long winding digestive tract stretching from the mouth to about the nave. The digestive tract protects the body from allergens, bacteria, fungi and parasites but hormonal changes, chronic stress, certain medications, long-term use of antibiotics, spicy food, smoking, and alcohol can lead to changes in gut biochemistry. This, in turn, can disrupt the gut lining and actually cause nutrients and other partially digested substances to leak, i.e. pass through to the bloodstream. This disruption is known as leaky gut syndrome. When the immune system comes in contact with these “leaked” toxic substances, it tries to attack and destroy them, triggering an autoimmune response.

Science shows yoga may protect your brain in old age

Scientists in Brazil have imaged elderly female yoga practitioners’ brains and found they have greater cortical thickness in the left prefrontal cortex, in brain areas associated with cognitive functions like attention and memory. The results suggest that yoga could be a way to protect against cognitive decline in old age.
As we age, the structure and functionality of our brains change and this often leads to cognitive decline, including impaired attention or memory. One such change in the brain involves the cerebral cortex becoming thinner, which scientists have shown is correlated with cognitive decline. So, how can we slow or reverse these changes?
19 Jul 2017

Antidepressants while pregnant may make baby autistic

Paris: Children exposed to antidepressants during pregnancy are more likely to suffer autism, but the added risk is very small and may not, in fact, stem from the drugs, researchers said Wednesday.

The connection between medications used to treat depression and autism in children has shown up in earlier research, but investigators have been unsure whether the link is down to pre-existing illness, the antidepressants, or some other mix of factors.
16 Jun 2017

Broccoli helps control Diabetes 2 blood sugar levels

Diabetes patients may have a possible solution that helps control blood sugar levels. Health experts often advise people to eat their greens and eating broccoli could potentially hold the key to countering type 2 diabetes.
30 May 2017

Though Vikram’s trial will take time, I’m glad he has been charged under Section 304: Abhishek Dutta

KOLKATA: Friends of model-turned-anchor Sonika Singh Chauhan are happy that actor Vikram Chatterjee has been charged with culpable homicide not amounting for murder for her death in a car accident.
28 May 2017


As reported by Bangalore Mirror, United Bengaluru, a citizen action forum, has given a war call to all active and worried citizens to come together and report violations like discharge of industrial effluents into lakes, dumping of debris or garbage and polluting lakes, illegal encroachments of buffer zone and lake beds, etc. in the vicinity of lakes they are residing in at three different locations namely, Horamavu, Agara and Challakere on May 27.
27 May 2017

Zika virus : reaches India, WHO confirms 3 cases in Ahmedabad

Zika virus disease has reached India, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirming first three cases in Gujarat's Ahmedabad.

The WHO endorsed the findings of laboratory tests conducted in the country, saying all three cases, including that of a pregnanat woman, were reported from Bapunagar area of the city.
15 May 2017

Merck opens new M Lab Collaboration Center in Bangalore

Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced the expansion of its M Lab Collaboration Center in Bangalore, India. The facility will provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a shared, exploratory environment where they can closely collaborate with Merck scientists and engineers to solve their toughest challenges and accelerate development of new therapies.
1 Apr 2017

Train runs over tiger in Madhya Pradesh

A tiger was killed after being hit by a speeding train last night between Budhni and Midghat sections here. The carcass of the animal was spotted near the track by railway staffers, who later alerted police and forest officials, Additional Superintendent of Police A P Singh said today.
The incident took place between Budhni and Midghat sections near pole number 175/8, Singh said, adding further details were awaited.
31 Mar 2017

SC bans sale of BS-III compliant vehicles from 1st April 2017

NEW DELHI: In a major setback to the Indian automotive industry, Supreme Court has banned sale of Bharat Stage III (BS-III) vehicles after March 31, 2017. The automobile industry has an unsold BS-III vehicles stock of 8.24 lakh units.

Two-wheeler majors Hero MotoCorp and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are offering discounts of up to Rs 12,500 on BS-III models to liquidate stocks, a day after the Supreme Court banned sale and registration of such vehicles from April 1.

Post the announcement India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Motocorp shares declined by about 3% and CV manufacturer Ashok Leyland's shares dipped by 6% from its day's height.

The Supreme Court hearing mentioned that public health is more important than inventories and the sale and registration of BS-III compliant vehicles will not be permitted from 1st April 2017.

According to sources in the auto industry, there are 75,000 unsold BS-III commercial vehicles, 16,000 passenger vehicles, 40,000 three-wheelers and 6.71 lakh two-wheelers. Hero Motocorp has over 3.28 lakh units of BS-III vehicles in its inventory which is estimated to be over 1,200 crore.

Pawan Munjal, Chairman, Hero Motorcorp said, "I welcome this move by Supreme Court in the interest of public health. Hero MotoCorp, recognising the need of the hour.We have reduced our BS III inventory significantly in the past few months with the aim to minimise our stakeholder losses."

President of SIAM and MD of Ashok Leyland told ETNow that its unfair if registration of vehicles is not allowed. He also added that Ashok Leyland will not have any impact on company's sales and operations.

#BharatStageIII     #supremecourt
30 Mar 2017

Police investigate human waste found in Coca-Cola cans at factory in Ireland

Police are looking into how human waste ended up in a batch of Coca-Cola drink cans at one of the company’s factories in Northern Ireland.
Employees working the night shift at the Lisburn soda plant were disrupted last week when a consignment of cans clogged one of their machines — that’s when they made the grotesque discovery, The Guardian reported.
The cans arrive at the plant without their tops and are then filled with soda before being sealed and sold.
Coca-Cola suspended all night-time processing as soon as they learned of the incident and seized all the affected cans. The beverage giant additionally emphasized none of the contaminated product made it to sale.

“The problem was identified immediately through our robust quality procedures and all of the product from the affected batch was immediately impounded and will not be sold,” Coca-Cola said in a statement cited by the Belfast Telegraph. “This is an isolated incident and does not affect any products currently on sale.”
The Police Service of Northern Ireland told the Guardian it had opened an investigation into the matter.
Pat Catney, a local politician for the Lagan Valley area told the BBC the incident “beggars belief.”
25 Mar 2017

Bengaluru, Shamed By Frothing Lake, Summons International Help


Bengaluru's lakes have turned into showstoppers for reasons the city should be ashamed of. The two largest ones - Bellandur and Varthur - have, in the last 20 years, frothed, foamed and burst into flames, the result of relentlessly being forced to accommodate toxic chemicals and untreated sewage.

Today, experts from Britain and Israel visited Bellandur Lake, located in the south east part of the city, surrounded by high-rise buildings. In February, the lake, nearly 900 acres large, was covered with a fire, shooting streams of smoke into the sky and blinding drivers who pulled over to avoid accidents. The fire fighters summoned were amazed at the scale of the fire, which raged for nearly eight hours, on a body of water.

Bengaluru was rechristened India's Silicon Valley when its outsourcing industry became a worldwide phenomenon. And yet, neither the highly skilled techies nor local government agencies have been able to develop a workable solution for the crisis of its lakes

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