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Kerala sees a drastic fall in tourist arrivals from West Asia in first half of 2018

Tourist arrivals in Kerala from West Asian countries, one of the mainstays of the state’s vibrant tourism sector in recent times, have nosedived in the first half of 2018.

According to Tourism Department statistics, tourist arrivals from Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain - which grew at 25-30 per cent till 2017 - slipped to negative growth in the first two quarters.

Tourist arrivals from Bahrain fell the most (-35.16 per cent), followed by Saudi Arabia (-33.71 per cent), Oman (-18.55 per cent), Kuwait (-16.88 per cent) and UAE (-6.05 per cent) when compared to the first half of 2017. The ominous signs were there in 2017 when tourist arrivals from Saudi Arabia declined from a robust growth track, a trend that has spread to countries such as Oman, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain in no time, said officials.

However, all is not lost. Overall, foreign tourist arrivals grew by 6.96 per cent during the first half of this year.

Notable among the trends was the increase in arrivals from France, which is back in the No 2 spot following a gap of two years, registering a growth of 19.71 per cent.

The UK continues to send the most number of tourists.

According to Kerala Travel Mart Society president Baby Mathew, Kerala Tourism has been actively campaigning in West Asia to woo Arab tourists. There was a significant rise in West Asians visiting the state, especially for medical purposes, a trend the industry had tapped to offer various packages combined with medical tourism.

“But this decline is unexpected and a study has to be done to ascertain the reasons for the reverse trend. It has to be rectified at the earliest as the industry is slowly limping back to normal after one of the worst floods in history and successive blows like Nipah scare and rain fury,” he said.

A senior official said the Tourism Department has been organising campaigns across the world, including West Asia, for which it has set aside Rs12 crore. The department will continue to hard sell Kerala Tourism via social media campaigns and other means, he added

“Kerala? So you must be a communist.”

1. Being Kerala ruled by a Communist Party (CPI(M)) doesn't mean all the people of Kerala are Atheist. We have lot of temples, mosques and churches in our state. 

2. By seeing some B grade movies, do not judge Malayalam film industry. We have a very rich film industry with many talented people and quality movies.   They come up with amazing scripts which of course Bollywood remakes later. Priya Prakash Varrier was one of the recent produce.Malayalam cinema isn't only about soft porn. Pleaseeee! Our cinema industry churns out some of the best movies every year.


3. We are not Anti-BJP, only their ideologies are sometimes annoying, that's why BJP struggle here.

4. We do not like to be called Mallu, instead call us Malayali.

5. “ God's own country.” , it's not just a tag line to attract tourism. Indeed Kerala is a God's own country with beauty of nature as well as cultural diversity.

6. We are extremely proud of our culture, please do not insult it.

7. People getting appalled at our coconut and coconut derivatives intake. Coconut oil/ Hair oil, we are using this from the very first bath we took. Coconut is an integral part of our life.

8. "Why don't you have a gotra?" So yes, we don't have a gotra. We don't have that system. There's not much we can do about it. 

9. People wrongly assuming that we are spread out all over the world because we're greedy for money. Fact is, there are way too many educated people in the state that Kerala just cannot afford to give all of us jobs that suit our caliber. And this forces Malayalis to move elsewhere in search of suitable jobs. 
If you need anything from the Gulf, they are the best person to go to. They will either get it from the Dubai Shopping Festival or The Lulu International Mall (The largest mall in Asia) in Kerala.

10.We aren't all dark skinned fat people. Vidya Balan, John Abraham, Asin Thottumkal, Malaika Arora Khan...all have Malayali roots. Duh!

That our obsession with gold is a recent thing what with so many relatives pumping in NRI money into the state. No! Look at these photographs..
11.  Malayalis can drink like a fish!  you will get totally sloshed but they gonna be normal . No doubt getting drunk is even more fun with them around.

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