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Huawei Honor 4X review: Battery life is good, but there are better options under Rs 10,000

Huawei announced not one, but two phones at its Honor 6 Plus launch event. Apart from the flagship Huawei Honor 6 Plus, we also saw the release of the budget-oriented Huawei Honor 4X. Honor is Huawei’s online only brand and all phones with the Honor name tag will be sold online – a model that is seeing increasing traction in India. Motorola started the trend with the Moto G which was sold exclusively on Flipkart and this was followed by a lot many players with Xiaomi being the most prominent.

The immediate competitors for this phone will include the Yu Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G.

It has a dual SIM card slots along with the microSD card slot. The battery is non removable. The phone has 8GB of internal storage of which only 4.05GB is free for users. You can add on a microSD card of up to 32GB storage capacity.The rear 13MP camera is complemented by a 2MP front-facing camera. Huawei Honor 4X comes with a 5.5-inch 1280 x 720 pixel display.

Huawei Honor 4X is the latest entrant in the bu…

As Deadline Looms, Companies Promote Women Relatives as Directors

Many companies have elevated women relatives of their promoters to their boards to comply with the March 31 deadline of having at least one woman on their boards.
A Prime Database study revealed that despite SEBI's efforts to ensure strict compliance, as many as 395 listed firms were yet to have women directors on their boards as on March 25.

Identification details of Modi, 31 other leaders compromised at G20

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among 31 world leaders whose personal details were inadvertently compromised at the G20 summit held in Australia in 2014, a media report said on Monday. A senior government official on Monday said that India will take necessary action against the security leak. This action will include replacing PM Narendra Modi's passport which was one of the details that were leaked.

Babri Masjid demolition case: Supreme Court issues notice to LK Advani, Joshi, 18 others

The Supreme Court on 31st March '15  issued a notice to senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader LK Advani and 19 others over a petition filed by Haji Mehboob in theBabri masjid case.

Top BJP leaders including Uma Bharti,Murli Manohar Joshi and Kalyan Singh are amongst those notified by the apex court.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been granted four weeks time to respond to the plea in the case.Bal 

Thackeray's name was removed from the list of accused persons after his death recently.

Star India's Hotstar App Review: Work in Progress

The Hotstar App from Star India lets you watch the latest movies, TV shows and live sports free of charge, and is available on Android and iOS. This sounds excellent on paper, but in practice turns out to a case of too-good-to-be-true, as a good design and promising library are let down by big performance issues.
In terms of content, the app has a lot of different things you can watch right now. Star India owns several television channels across languages and genres, and has broadcast rights for several major sporting tournaments such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, English Premier League, ISL, Hockey India League, among others. With Star Plus, it has a lot of content that's made in India, and for the app, there is also some English language content, such as American shows like Prison Break and Modern Family. This gives it a vast breadth of content that it wants to let you watch online (and sometimes offline too) via the Hotstar app.

Congress ready for Rahul’s comeback show

A rally in the national capital on April 19 against the Narendra Modi government’s land acquisition policy may turn out to be the first public appearance of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi after his expected return around mid-April from a two-month long sabbatical at an undisclosed location abroad.

During his absence, party president Sonia Gandhi mobilised public opinion and united the opposition against changes made by the Modi government to the 2013 land acquisition law, particularly the dilution of the provision that mandated farmers’ consent ahead of land takeover.

Mr. Gandhi had cut his teeth in agitation politics in 2011 by protesting against forcible land acquisition, and the party is hoping that there is a public mood against the dilution of the law that it can ride on.


New Delhi: Almost on the verge of expulsion from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), will Prashant Bhushan-Yogendra Yadav duo join hands with any other political party or group to stay relevant in politics? "We’re not going to think about such steps till we are in the party. Let’s see how things shape up,” AAP leader Prof Anand Kumar told Firstpost. Prof Kumar who acted as an interlocutor in the failed peace talk between the two warring camps of Kejriwal and Bhushan-Yadav duo, was ousted from the NE along with Yadav, Bhushan and Prof Ajit Jha on 28 March.

AAP Crisis : Yogendra Yadav and Prashant bhushan expelled

A key meeting of the Aam Aadmi Party's 320-member National Council began today with dissident leader Yogendra Yadav staging a dharna alleging some of the members were not allowed inside, Later Arvind Kejriwal came and made Gopal Rai as National President.

Less than two hours into the meeting, Mr Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi, left. He reportedly made an emotional speech.


( By Kriti Rai)

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more cells. These basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate repair-kit of future. Yet proving its ethnicity every now and then seems to be never-ending. There have been huge outcries and demonstrations against stem cell research and some people have even fallen victim to intimidation of imbecile people. However, this is too important an area to be abandoned as it has huge potential for finding treatments and cure to vast array of diseases. As it is rightly quoted by Mother Teresa- “One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody”.

The excitement about stem cell is primarily due to medical benefits in areas of regenerative medicine and therapeutic cloning. Another potential application of stem cells is to form cells and tissues for medical therapies.Currently; it is donated organs that are substituted for damaged or dysfunctio…

Changing times; Changing Women

(By Kriti Rai)
In India women are worshipped, she is epitome of beauty and sacrifice, yet she is not recognized truly and lacks the status which she is meant for. Even today the society cast aspersions. It is indeed depressing and heart-wrenching to see numerous cases of female foeticide in a country like India where women like Indira Gandhi, Lata Mangeshkar have received warm accolade. In male-dominating society like India off lately Women has found her place and is trying hard to keep pace with it. Time is changing and so is her determination.

“A Woman is like a tea -bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water”. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw the first Indian women entrepreneur who started Biocon India in garage of her rented house and spearheaded it to fully integrated Bio-pharmaceutical company, initially she faced many challenges like getting banks to fund her venture and they wanting to have her father as guarantor and Kiran disagreed on principle.

Chitra Ramakrishna is …


(By Lakshya Dharamdasani)

 Talking about common perception of people on women, Women are generally perceived as home makers with little to do with economy or commerce. But perhaps this picture is changing because more and more women are taking up entrepreneurship as their way of being successful. There were times when women searched for their pride and dignity among huge crowd of people. But the groundbreaking talent and efforts of women have given them there place in male-dominating society. The Planning commission now as well as the Indian government recognizes the need for women to be part of the mainstream of economic development. Women entrepreneurship is seen as an effective strategy to solve the problems of rural and urban poverty.

Traditionally, women in India have been generally found in low productive sectors such as agriculture and household activities. Human Development Report 2004 ranks India 103 in Gender related Development Index (GDI). As per 2001 census; women constitut…

Stress Management: How to Relieve Stress ?

(Lakshya Dharamdasani )

We don’t see things as they are rather we see things as we are.Our thoughts really do affect are perceptions and become the reason for are stress.Everyone is rushing out in life as a result we stress more and enjoy less.Sometimes we all need to do is watching tv,comedies n eating chocolates to replenish are energy.Also adapting a right attitude can help us changing negative stress into a positive one.

Stress a small word but with a huge consequences is the natural response of the body to pressures from the environment around us. The physical and emotional responses that stress causes are used by the body to promote survival. Stress can be caused by a wide variety of experiences, ranging from danger to surprise, and from workplace difficulties to worry.Experiencing a short term stress may have a useful reaction but long term stress generally has a negative effect. Irritability or anger, anxiety and depression, impatience, a reduction in self-esteem, fatigue are sy…

Why is conservation of oil important in the present scenario ?

(By Prerna bodhankar)

We all are aware of the latest technologies or say latest inventions, latest automobiles and machines that are in fashion. But have we ever thought that our brand new car that is our status symbol burns how many liters of petrol. Or have we ever thought to conserve our LPG gas by using some common cooking methods. The answer is undoubtedly no. It's not anyone's fault but sheer human mentality to think "why should we " there will be no change if one man begins to change his ways ?. But one thing is very clear that we all are aware of the depleting oil and gas. We really are close enough to the extinction of oil and gas. As petroleum and natural gas both are renewable resources and take millions of years in their formation so what if we run out of them. 

Petroleum or crude oil is a naturally occurring inflammable liquid. Its element composition consists of carbon upto 83 to 87 %, hydrogen 10 to 14% and small amounts of nitrogen, oxygen…

Google Play Newsstand (for Android)

The attractive Android app is a customizable newsreader that delivers headlines from your preferred sources, plus serves as store from which you can purchase books and magazines. Google Play Newsstand boasts partnerships with many publishers and has incredibly eye-catching layouts, but a few niggles prevent the app from overtaking Flipboard as the top Android newsreader. 

Let's Play
Google Play Newsstand contains four main sections: Read Now, My Library, Bookmarks, and Explore. Tapping Read Now takes you to the Highlights section, where you'll see news items from a variety of big-name sources, including The New York Times, NPR, and Slate. If you don't fancy the default publications, you can add your own?more in that in a bit. Unfortunately, you can't outright mute, block, or remove a source as you can with Flipboard and Zite. 

The Reading Experience
Google Play Newsstand's article layout is standard fare for news-reading apps. It's very clean, and I didn't enco…

Duolingo (for iPhone)

If you're studying a language, no doubt you've heard of Duolingo, by far the best free program you'll find. The fantastic program comes with equally free mobile apps that let you practice your language on the go, and the iPhone app is, like its website brethren, the best free language-learning app you can find. And with Duolingo, "free" means free?no upsells or locked content whatsoever, and that's largely what makes it so compelling. In addition, top-notch content and a wonderful mobile interface make the Duolingo iPhone app our Editors' Choice for language-learning. 

Although the Duolingo website was significantly updated in 2014, the iPhone app is still a little behind. Gone from the website, for example, are hearts that act like video game lives, in a "three strikes, you're out" kind of way, but they're still present in the Duolingo iPhone app. But that's no big deal seeing as the app is well adapted in so many other ways. You can…

Google Appoints Morgan Stanley's Ruth Porat as CFO

Google Inc hired Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat as its own finance chief, a sign Google is aiming to rein in costs as it invests in new businesses such as self-driving cars and internet-connected eyeglasses. 

Porat has helped execute a sweeping cost-cutting strategy across several business lines at Morgan Stanley. The bank cut its expenses, excluding compensation, to 29 percent of its revenue last year, down from 34 percent in 2012. Google's costs have jumped as the company embarked on an increasing number of ambitious projects. Last year, the company's revenue grew 19 percent, while total expenses rose 23.4 percent, a trend that alarmed some analysts. 
"You want someone to come in there and push back against the free spenders," said Colin Gillis, an equity research analyst at BGC Partners, a brokerage, adding that investors hope Porat will be that person. 

Google's shares rose as much as 2.5 percent on Tuesday after Porat's appointment was an…

Best Culture... yet no place for women !

By Anila K

Enough and more has been said in the past 2 years on the Delhi rape... The culprits are behind bars.. and one would think this would give them enough time to mull things over. 

Then came the documentary by Leslee Udwin which shocked the nation and the world. Thus began a new outrage. The Driver on the eventful night - Mukesh Singh neither had any shame nor remorse when interviewed. His comments were equally derogatory and was still blaming the victim for the events which unfolded that night. 

But then these thoughts aren't out of place. It has always been voiced out..Mostly in hushed tones.. Never showcased them out so openly.. Lot of people were outraged by the telecast.. that this is what most men & women think.. But isn't that the truth.. We have heard at least one of these thing when such incidents are reported. 

"She is dressed in a manner that people get attracted to her. In fact, she wants them to do something to her. She should stop wearing jeans."

Why Indian Govt. want to silence a BBC film exposing the New Delhi bus gang rape ?

The British Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday morning (IST) telecast the controversial documentary in UK featuring one of the December 16 gang-rape convicts despite Indian government's call to block the film worldwide. 

The BBC nonetheless showed India's Daughter, which sketches the troubling tale of a 23-year-old woman who was raped by six men inside a private bus, sustaining injuries so profound that she later died. 

In this controversial documentary , Nirbhaya's Rapist Blames Her For The Rape, Says She Shouldn't Have Fought Back! The documentary is an eye opener for all those Indians who believe they are living in 21st Century India. 

Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh made a speech on the Nirbhaya Documentary in Parliament .His speech to ban the video in India created a heated debate in the Parliament. Jaya Bachchan, Meenakshi Lekhi, Ambika Soni take a stand on Nirbhaya documentary issue asked the government to take strict actions and come to a decision about the…

Flipboard (for iPad)

Though there are many worthwhile iPad news-reading apps, Flipboard (free) continues its reign as the best of the best. Recently updated to version 3.0, Flipboard for iPad now has a more streamlined interface, a daily curated magazine, and a new social media-like reading model that encourages you to follow topics, people, and curated magazines. Rest assured, Flipboard hasn't moved away from the elements that have made it successful; it still deftly aggregates articles, video, podcasts, and social media into an accessible but feature-rich, print-style digital magazine. My one major gripe? Flipboard still lacks dedicated offline reading support. 

You begin with Flipboard by selecting a topic, or topics, from a grid of 18 options, and tapping the Next icon. This causes Flipboard to quickly compile your digital magazine and display the individual topics (as well as The Daily Edition?more on that later) in a series of panels. If you'd like to kick a panel to the curb, simply hold a s…

WhatsApp voice calling: Just a call needed to activate

After multiple flip-flops, WhatsApp has finally released the voice-calling feature for all Android users. You will need to download version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or version 2.11.531 from the WhatsApp website. 

According to AndroidPolice, the voice-calling can be activated is by receiving a call from someone whose voice-calling is already activated. After you get the call, you need to close and then reopen the app. After that, instead of seeing the most recent chats, you will get three tabs namely Calls, Chats and Contacts. The call tab shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls at the precise times. 

This time around WhatsApp has decided to keep the invite-window open for longer duration. Unlike some weeks back when WhatsApp had kept the invite-window open only for a couple of hours. 

WhatsApp has been beta-testing the voice-calling feature for quite a while now. We had earlier seen, how WhatsApp was testing this calling feature in India. A Reddit userpradnesh07, even got the featu…