2 Sep 2017

Now Honeypreet Insan, Ram Rahim's 'Daughter', Wanted By Cops. Airports Alerted

Honeypreet Insan, the adopted daughter of so-called spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, is being hunted by the Haryana police, which today issued an alert at airports and other exit points for her.

A constant companion of Ram Rahim right until he was jailed last week for raping two followers, Honeypreet Insan has been charged with sedition for allegedly plotting the self-appointed guru's escape from a court in Panchkula where he was held guilty.
22 Jul 2017

RSS ideologue to occupy President, Vice President and Prime minister positions

India’s constitution provides a largely ceremonial role for the president, with the prime minister and his cabinet holding executive power.

But the president has a key role during political crises, such as when a general election is inconclusive, by deciding which party is in the best position to form a government.
15 Jul 2017

Tibetan student set himself on fire in India demanding 'freedom'

A Tibetan student has self-immolated in India after shouting "freedom", police said Saturday, injuring himself critically.

The student set himself on fire on Friday at the Central University for Tibetan Studies in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh state.

Self-immolation has regularly been used as a protest against China's actions in Tibet. But Indian police said they are also investigating the 20-year-old's recent exam failures as being a possible cause for his actions.

"We are not entirely clear about the reasons but eyewitnesses told us that he shouted 'freedom' before running out, dousing himself with kerosene and setting himself on fire," Sanjay Tripathi, a Varanasi police spokesman, told AFP.

"There were some Tibetan representatives at the institution at the time. But the institute authorities have also told us that they had announced exam results a day earlier and he had failed two exams," Tripathi added.

The International Campaign for Tibet identified the student as Tenzin Choeying. It quoted Chime Namgyal, head of the Tibetan Youth Congress activist group in Varanasi, as saying Choeying shouted "Victory to Tibet".

Police said they are still investigating and will take statements from Choeying and his family. "The boy is recovering at the hospital. He can speak but has around 50 percent burns," Tripathi said.

Tejashwi unlikely to quit, may wait to be sacked

Deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav, the younger son of RJD chief Lalu Prasad, is named in an alleged case of land-for-hotels scandal. The CBI last week raided the residence of Lalu, also named in the case, and other properties in five cities, including Ranchi and Delhi.

Indian Railways launches new train services from Bhubaneswar and Bhopal

The Indian Railways on Thursday launched two train services from Bhubaneswar and Bhopal to cater to growing demand of passengers from the region.The weekly 'Humsafar Express' was pressed into service from Bhubaneswar for Krishnarajapuram and daily 'Intercity Express' was launched between Bhopal and Khajuraho by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu through videoconferencing in Delhi.A foundation stone of mechanised laundry was also laid at Bhubaneswar, while WiFi services were made operational at Sambalpur and Vizianagaram stations.

What is PETN explosive device found in Uttar Pradesh Assembly?

A packet was discovered under the seat of Samajwadi Party MLA Mano Pandey inside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Thursday. The packet had white powder inside. Forensic tests revealed that the substance was PETN, a plastic explosive. It is the most dangerous of its kind.
14 Jul 2017

Why Yoga guru Ramdev starting Private Security Agency ?

HARIDWAR: Looking beyond his FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and Ayurvedic products business, yoga guru Ramdev is readying to flex his muscles in the Rs 40,000 crore private security market. Patanjali sources said that retired Army and police personnel have been roped in to train recruits who will work as private security guards with Ramdev's Parakram Suraksha Private Limited. According to a statement released by the yoga guru, the company's aim is to "instill patriotic fervour among youngsters and create an ambiance conducive for physical and mental development of the trainees." “This security agency will work to evoke the nationalist spirit in every citizen and create an atmosphere of healthy physique and psychological competency among the country’s youth,” Patanjali said in a statement on July 10.

Why is PayTM being promoted by the BJP despite Alibaba, a Chinese firm, being its largest shareholder?

I was listening to the latest speech of Kanhaiya Kumar about Indian Media. He was claiming that Government supporters encourage people to boycott chinese products and on the other hand Modi's demonetization policy compelled people to use Paytym. He further claimed that Paytm is a chinese invested company.After the note ban, PayTM usage increased by 400% and the app has now been downloaded on over 50 million devices. The circumstances in itself were in favour of apps like PayTM and Freecharge
18 Apr 2017

Zuckerberg reveals Facebook’s 'Act 2'

In a jab at Snapchat, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that Facebook will be making the "first mainstream augmented reality platform out of the camera," positioning it as "Act 2" for the company.

"We see something different ... in order to create better tools," Zuckerberg said. "We need an open platform where any developer in the world can build for augmented reality without having to first build a camera and get a lot of people to use it."

Zuckerberg spoke at the annual Facebook Developer Conference, or F8, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. In his address, he debuted an early version of a new feature that allows users to scroll through features like "face masks," with thousands of options, from creators across the world.

The feature builds off Facebook's "Act 1," according to Zuckerberg — which included a widespread implementation of Snapchat-like "stories." He said the phone camera is a primitive, early first step that can make augmented reality mainstream ahead of hardware like contact lenses.

It comes after Snap, which calls itself a "camera company," announced it was adding its popular Snapchat Lenses feature, which superimposes 3-D effects over real-world photos, to the rear-facing camera option on your smartphone.

So far, it's been hazy how virtual reality fits into Facebook's goals to connect the world, beyond augmented reality applications similar to Snapchat's. However, he hinted that Facebook will release some kind of glasses or headset: "Over time I think this is going to be a really important technology. All the work that we are doing here is going into glasses we all want. It's all the same technology. This is another step on the path there."

Facebook's interest in augmented reality seems to be eclipsing its virtual reality ambitions, including the Oculus Rift headset, although Zuckerberg said the two would go "hand in hand." Augmented reality superimposes images on the real world, while virtual reality immerses people in a computer-generated world.

After several cases of misconduct, BookMyBai puts a blanket ban on celebrities

Mumbai: BookMyBai, an online service which allows people to find a house-help, has put a blanket ban on Bollywood celebrities. The decision was taken after the online platform got multiple complaints of misconduct from their domestic helps.

In a blog post, the website’s co-founder Anupam Sinhal has penned down a lengthy record of how over 20 Bollywood celebrities have mistreated the domestic helps provide to them through the online platform, BookMyBai.

While keeping the names aside, he mentioned 5 incidents where the house helps were horribly mistreated by the celebrities. In his post, he writes, “Fortunately, out of the 10000 households that we have served, we have not come across even a single case of harassment/exploitation. But this figure comes to a rest when it comes to providing a domestic help to a “Bollywood celebrity”.”
17 Apr 2017

Sonu Nigam's tweets on 'azaan' at religious places sparked controversy

Singer Sonu Nigam climbed to the top of Twitter's trending chart on Monday morning over a series of posts questioning the use of loudspeakers by places of worship with a complaint about the muezzin's call to prayer. "God bless everyone. I'm not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India. And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam (sic)," he posted.

"Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison? I don't believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity To (sic) wake up people who don't follow the religion. Why then..? Honest? True? Gundagardi hai bus(just hooliganism)..." he tweeted to his 5.94 million followers.

12 Apr 2017

Man Who Killed his Family for Astral Projection now Says He was Neglected

Thiruvananthapuram: Cadell Jeanson Raja, the man accused of massacring his family to perform astral projection, has now told the police that he murdered his family members because he was neglected by them, and not in a bid to perform astral projection.

Raja had earlier said that he killed his family members to perform astral projection that allows him to communicate with souls of dead people.

But after the police started questioning him in the presence of a psychiatrist he said that he took the extreme step because of the neglect. He also alleged that his family did not take care of him as they did of his sister.

But he says that he has been following astral projection for some time now.

He had earlier told the police that performing astral projection gave him an extra strength which helped him push his physical and intellectual limits.

Four members of a family were found dead On Saturday in Thiruvanthapouram. The police had taken Raja into custody on Monday evening. On Tuesday his arrest has been recorded.

According to the police, Raja killed his parents and sister first on April 5. Each of them was hacked to death separately using a hatchet, which he bought online recently. His mother was his first victim. On April 7 night, he took Jain and killed her in another room.
11 Apr 2017

Who is Jamini Roy?

Jamini Roy brought versatility and emotion to folk art

Google is celebrating with a doodle the 130th birth anniversary of one of the big names in twentieth century Indian art, Jamini Roy.

A graduate from Government College of Art, Kolkata, Roy was a pupil of Abanindranath Tagore, the creator of 'Indian Society of Oriental Art'. Roy was born in Beliatore village of Bankura district, West Bengal in 1887.

He started his career spanning over six decades as a commissioned portrait artist but soon gave up and began experimenting with Indian folk art. He took lessons from patua, a community known for their traditional occupation of painting idols, to better his craft at Kalighat paintings.

His work, however, wasn’t limited to painting alone. His wooden sculptures, rooted in Indian villages, reflect the traditional art of Bengal. The quintessential ‘Jamini Roy’ work exhibits bold colours of red, yellow ochre, blue, and white. Roy brought versatility and emotion to folk art. While a painting of a Santhal woman oozes sensuousness, the ‘Three Pujarinis’ are very traditional looking almond-eyed women.

Some of his other world-wide famous work includes, ‘Ramayana’ a magnum opus spread across 17 canvases; ‘Gopini and two Companions’; ‘Mother and Child’; ‘Bengali Woman’; and ‘Three men in boat’ .

Jamini Roy received many awards and accolades including the Padma Bhushan in 1955. In 1976, the Archaeological Society of India declared him one of “Nine Masters” to be treated as treasure. Roy passed away in 1972.
2 Apr 2017

PV Sindhu beats Carolina Marin in India Open 2017

NEW DELHI: PV Sindhu is pleased with her performance at the India Open Super Series where she became the women's singles champion beating Olympic gold medallist Carolina Marin in straight games on Sunday.

It took exactly 47 minutes for Sindhu to defeat Marin in an epic encounter! The highlight of the game was that the Hyderabad-born shuttler did not lose her cool throughout the game, handling every serve with maturity!

Choose between tourism or terrorism: Modi to Kashmiri youth

The Chenani-Nashri Tunnel will have a transformative impact on Jammu & Kashmir’s progress. The tunnel is truly world class.  
Modi has inagurated the Chennai Nashri tunnel , During his visit he has asserted  on the killing of innocent people in Kashmir from 40 years , Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked youth of Kashmir that they have two options terrorism or tourism. "Forty years have passed, but nobody got benefitted due to bloodshed in Kashmir rather our loved ones and innocents died," Mr Modi said, while addressing a jam-packed public rally here after inaugurating country's longest Chenani-Nashri tunnel.

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Yogi’s Kanha Upvan visit: Will Mulayam Singh's choti Bahu Aprna Yadav Join BJP ?

CM Yogi Adityanath with his visit to Kanha Upvan on Friday morning fueled the speculations that Samajwadi Party leader Aparna Yadav (Mulayam Singh's Choti Bahu ) is soon expected to shift her loyalties to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Actually, Kanha Upvan, that gives shelter to the stray animals, is owned by Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav’s younger son Prateek Yadav and his wife Aparna Yadav, who contested the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections on SP ticket from Lucknow Cantt. constituency here.

Earlier on March 24, Aparna, along with her husband Prateek, had paid a visit to Yogi Adityanath at the VVIP guest house, soon after he was elevated as the UP Chief Minister by BJP. The sources close to the CM had claimed the meeting to be pre-scheduled.

The reason behind the meeting and her proximity with BJP is yet not clear but according to the SP sources, Aparna and CM Yogi Adityanath share a distant relation. Yogi’s real name is Ajay Singh Bisht, while he and Aparna, both, hail from Uttarakhand.

#BJP #AParnaYadav #Yogi

Yogi CM Adityanath has ordered an enquiry on Akhilesh Yadav's Rs 1400 crore dream project

Samajwadi Party heavyweight Shivpal Yadav and former Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal are in for serious trouble as the newly formed Uttar Pradesh government has ordered probe into irregularities in former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s dream project ‘Gomti Riverfront development’.

The UP government has ordered current Chief Secretary to constitute inquiry committee which would be headed by a retired judge. The committee will have to submit its investigation report within 45 days.

It may be recalled that Shivpal Yadav was the irrigation minister in the previous Uttar Pradesh government and was monitoring then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s pet project of Gomti Riverfront development. Deepak Singhal was Principle Secretary of the Irrigation department looking after the project.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued the orders while reviewing the ‘Gomti River Channelization Project’ in a meeting here on Saturday. He also directed Urban Development Minister Suresh Khanna and Irrigation Minister Dharampal Singh to closely monitor the works being done in the riverfront project.

1 Apr 2017

Bombay High court stays Raveena Tondon's Maatr

The Bombay High Court has put a stay on the release of actor Raveena Tandon's comeback film Maatr, which was scheduled for release on April 21. This move came after a private financial institution YT Capital Pvt Ltd petitioned the Bombay High Court against the film's producer Anjum Rizvi and has also made T-series, the film's co-producer, a party.

YT Capital had given this loan to Rizvi in 2014 for the movie Katha, which never released. Rizvi never paid this amount back, which is why the company has had to take such coercive action


Nam Shabana - Taapsee Pannu delivers a strong performance

The film is a spin-off to Taapsee's character from the 2015 film Baby.

Shabana goes through a major trauma after so many disheartening things happening in her life. During this time she gets contacted by India agency of secret agents of mission. She gives a nod to them. The movie revolves around Shabana's mission and her journey in the agency. Would she be able to accomplish the mission or not? For this you will have to watch the movie. Taapsee Pannu only played a small role in Baby, but Naam Shabana focuses on her story and how she became a part of the secret services.

Directed by Shivam Nair and produced by Neeraj Pandey, the film also has Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher playing supporting roles. Just like Baby, Naam Shabana is a thriller and has Taapsee Pannu performing some risky stunts.
31 Mar 2017

Deepak Tijori's wife throws him OUT of the house; he discovers she isn't his wife at all!

The popular face in Bollywood 90’s movie, Deepak Tijori is facing an unwanted drama in his life. The actor has learned that his wife is not his wife. Confusing right? 

Well, Shivani whom Deepak married years ago is not legally Deepak’s wife. This very fact came in open only now after so many years of marriage.
As reported by Spotboye, Shivani used to treat Deepak very badly. She even threw the man out of their 4 BHK bungalow in Goregaon. Now Shivani has filed for divorce and asked for maintenance from Deepak.

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