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DelhiPolice brutally beat up Tempo Driver father and son on the street

A Sikh auto-rickshaw driver and his son were brutally beaten up by Delhi Police outside Mukherjee Nagar police station on Sunday.

The auto driver was seen being beaten with a stick and was kicked in the face.

The son pleaded with the police officer not to beat up his father, but the policeman refused to listen. Home Ministry asks #DelhiPolice to submit detailed report in connection with the reported clash between a tempo driver and policemen in #MukherjeeNagar area of Delhi.

Atishi: Profile, Wiki , Controversy

Atishi is a leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, and a member of the party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC). She has been made in-charge of the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency unit, where her role is to prepare the party organisation in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Until April 2018, she served as Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s Advisor. She played a pivotal role in revamping the state of education in government run schools in the national capital.

Atishi has tirelessly worked towards the welfare of the society with special attention to the education system. Her passion for mass politics and expertise in policy makes for a potent combination and a breath of fresh air in Indian politics.

Controversy : Atishi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from East Delhi, broke down at a press conference today as her party accused her BJP rival Gautam Gambhir of circulating a derogatory, scurrilous pamphlet on her ahead of voting in Delhi on Sunday for the national election. "Never imagined Gautam Gambhir to stoop so low," tweeted AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, as the hashtag #IStandWithAtishi trended on Twitter.

17 Killed In Fire At Cracker Factory In Delhi; Some Jumped From Building

At least 17 people have died in a major fire at a two-storey cracker factory in north Delhi's Bawana Industrial Area this evening, according to a Fire Services official. A few people are reported to be trapped inside the building and rescue operations are on.

"13 people died on the first floor, three on the ground and one in the basement," a fire services official said.

15 to 20 fire engines are trying to douse the fire which has now been contained to the second floor.

The fire reportedly started on the ground floor of the building, but its exact cause it not known yet.

Influence Wins : Gaikward takes AI to Delhi

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Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad whose recent misbehavior went viral has now flown Air India from Pune to Delhi on Monday - his first flight after the government directed all airlines to lift the ban on him last Friday.

Gaikwad reportedly first booked the 7.40 am Pune-Delhi flight (AI 852) for Monday - the same one he had flown on March 23 when he had thrashed an AI staffer with his shoe 25 times and tried to throw him off the aircraft at Delhi airport.

However, late on Sunday, he got the ticket converted to an open one, meaning it could be used to board any flight. However, it was later revealed that he boarded the same flight on which the incident had taken place.

The Shiv Sena had threatened to boycott a dinner that PM Narendra Modi is hosting on Monday night unless the flying ban imposed on Gaikwad was lifted.

AI sources say they have not made any special arrangements for flying the VVIP. "For us, every passenger is a VVIP and deserves the best possible treatment. Whoever chooses to fly us can expect best-in-class service and in-flight treatment," said an official.

However, employees across airlines are not too comfortable flying the MP "as he has not apologized for his behavior to the staffer or the airline".

"For the first time, airlines took a stand on an unruly passenger who can be a threat to everyone on board an aircraft. But the government gave in to the threats of Shiv Sena and directed all airlines to fly Gaikwad again," said a private airline employee.

Airlines are upset at the way the aviation ministry meekly gave in to the strong arm tactics of Gaikwad - who continues to remain unrepentant for his behavior.

The govt has warned Mr. Gaikwad to maintain the decorum and ensure the safety of other passengers.

This incident proves the misuse of power in India. It shows how easily one can make people bow down before it. Guess great power now means – misuse it to your advantage, not great responsibility.