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Samsung has opened its biggest mobile store worldwide in Bengaluru.

Samsung has opened its biggest mobile store worldwide in Bengaluru. The 33,000-square-foot experience centre will also sell wearables and consumer electronics, and showcase the South Korean giant’s innovations spanning virtual reality, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Samsung India’s business head Mohandeep Singh said the company will open more such centres “covering all the big cities.” In July, Samsung put Noida on the global manufacturing map with the world's largest mobile factory. Earlier, Economic Times reported that rival Apple was planning to set up ‘flagship outlets’ in 5-6 Indian cities to reinforce its premium reputation.

Bengaluru second most congested city in SE Asia

Bengaluru is the second most congested city among major metros of Southeast Asia, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Hanoi and Manila, warns a recent survey. And the situation will only get worse if measures are not taken to check it.

The survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) measures the response from 300 commuters in each of the growing cities — New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru — and compares them with indicators from global cities in Southeast Asia.

According to the analysis, road congestion in peak hours in the four Indian cities averages at 149%, making commuting that much harder. Commuters spend 1.5 times longer to travel a given distance in peak hours when compared with non-peak hour travel time.

The survey shows that 89% of the respondents in Bengaluru and Kolkata plan to buy a car in the next five years, which is set to worsen the situation. However, reducing peak hour congestion is a huge challenge considering that about half of the population in these cities plans to buy cars in the next five years.

Scrap Hindi from signage, Siddaramaiah tells Bengaluru Metro

Chief minister Siddaramaiah asked the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) on Friday to drop Hindi from its signage.

This means only Kannada and English will be on all signboards.