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Veteran Actor Jeetendra Accused Of Sexually Harassing His Cousin

After the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey being exposed for their sexual harassment deeds looks like Hindi film fraternity is now following the lead. Veteran actor Jeetendra has been accused by one of his cousins for sexually harassing her at the age of 18.

The woman has filed a complaint against the actor in Himachal Pradesh alleging that the abuse took place when the actor was 28 and had just stepped into the showbiz. The alleged victim had just turned eighteen and Jeetendra asked her father's permission to take her to visit his film's set where he sexually abused her.

In the complaint filed by the woman, she has stated Jeetendra along with his two male colleagues drove her to Shimla to a film set and the entire experience was a nightmare.According to a report in India Today, the victim took years to share her trauma and decided to file a police complaint after the demise of her parents, who would have been heartbroken by the deed of their nephew.

If proven right, the case can be a breakthrough and might encourage other women to speak out against the rich and the powerful who have used their financial and/or social dominance to oppress and abuse others.