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56.6% More Tourists Take To e-VISA, Tourist Arrivals Jump By 11%

In consonance with the Government’s stress on the
tourism sector since tourism boosts the economic well being
of India, there were 11% more tourists who chose India as
their preferred holiday destination in 2016 than those in 2015.

This growth outperformed the projected estimate of 4.5%. It
may have been a contributory factor that 56.6% more tourists
have used e-VISA scheme in December 2016, as compared toDecember 2015.
The spike in e-VISA adoption was announcedin a statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism on 11th
January 2017. The Ministry also cited rise in the number of
tourists to 10,79,696 in the calendar year of 2016 as against
4,45,300 in 2015.

This high growth may be credited to e-Tourist Visa made
accessible to 161 countries as compared to its earlier
accessibility that was limited to 113 countries, an official
statement by the Ministry of Tourism said.
This scheme was also instrumental in getting a major influx
of tourists at the most happening airports of India, with New