Country needs badly to expand testing by private labs, reputed company like ROCHE, ABI are rejected

Country needs badly to expand testing by private labs,and to increase the availability of testing kits in 
view of lock down. More Private Kit companies should be approved like US FDA is doing..instead only 2-3 manufacturers are being approved by ICMR, rejecting 11 others, it raises doubt on testing methods of ICMR-NIV , When reputed company like ROCHE, ABI are rejected. This serious error can prove fatal in controlling current CORONA situation.Also NIV seems to be missing positive samples (considering them negative as per above concordance,which will release positive persons in open and cause havoc).

There are many people on twitter complaining about the kits , here is an extract from Saket Gokhale's tweet

On 20th March, 18 firms got permission from govt. to get their testing kits validated by National Institute of Virology.

Meanwhile, a day earlier on 19th, Gujarat-based firm CoSara had already received an approval to start manufacturing Covid-19 test kits. This firm is a collaboration between a US-based company & an Ahmedabad-based firm. CoSara's kits already have US FDA approval.Some of the other 18 firms who were waiting to get their Covid-19 test kits validated said that these would be sold at a price of 400-500 per kit (far cheaper than imported ones). CoSara, on the other hand, refused to publicly divulge the cost of their Covid-19 kits.Suddenly, on 21st March, the Health Ministry issued guidelines allowing private labs to conduct Covid-19 tests. The cost of these is capped at a whopping 4500 rupees. These guidelines have one caveat - ONLY testing kits approved by US FDA/European CE can be used.That means ONLY kits manufactured by Ahmedabad-based CoSara can be used for Covid-19 testing. So after allowing 18 firms to test their kits for production, the govt. suddenly changed guidelines which may help only 1 Ahmedabad company (whose testing kit cost is unknown).